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Tips for valuing your home

Tips for valuing your home

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Whether you’re considering how much your own house might be worth or trying to find out more about prices in an area you’re interested in moving to, there are loads of ways you can gain information without paying for a solicitor or estate agent.

Valuing your own home

Check how much similar homes sold for

You can look up house sale prices on a number of websites including Zoopla. Just type in the postcode and you’ll be able to see how much other properties in the street have sold for. When doing this remember to take note of the date of the sale as well as the size and type of property. In one street you may have everything from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom detached villas, which obviously creates a wide variety of prices.

Tips for valuing your home

Get an estimate on your own pad

Zoopla also has a feature where you can check how much your own home might be worth. You can get a basic figure or go through a short questionnaire for a more accurate valuation. However, it’s important to remember that without actually visiting your property, these prices can’t be precise so take them with a pinch of salt and don’t be disappointed if it turns out your home isn’t worth quite as much as you thought.

Shop around

When you decide to put your property on the market get valuations from a number of estate agents. Ask each one what they think the maximum amount you might get is, what price you should market the property at and how much they think the property will eventually sell for. You will probably find they don’t all agree on what your home is worth. Don’t automatically opt for the one with the highest figure though. If you’re in no rush to sell then it might be worth giving it a go at the higher price but otherwise you might find your property takes longer to sell. Consider what you’d be happy to accept and use that figure as a guide.

Valuing a property you’re interested in


You might think you’re getting a bargain but when you factor in other costs it may be a different story. Research crime rates in the area. Crime can be a distressing experience but also bumps up insurance premiums. The police.uk website gives a breakdown of crime rates in English and Welsh streets, giving you an idea of how much burglary and anti-social behaviour is recorded there. Other things to look out for include schools, amenities and transport links.

Think to the future

The housing market is notoriously difficult to predict but it’s worth checking what experts think might happen in the next few years. This will give you an idea of whether your ideal home is likely to go up in value or whether you’ll end up with a mortgage higher that what the property is worth. This is less important if you’re going to settle for years to come in your new home, but if you plan to move again in the relatively near future, it is worth looking into.






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