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Top 10 educational apps for kids

Top 10 educational apps for kids

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Mobile phones do much more than call and text nowadays and the increasing number of people joining the technological revolution and buying iPhones, Androids, iPads and Tablets also means there are an increasing number of children using these. As a result, developers are creating some fantastic educational apps specifically based at kids, encouraging learning in a fun and futuristic way! Here’s our Top 10 educational apps for kids:

Eye Paint Animals

This is a creative and innovative  educational app that gives children the opportunity to get creative and paint amazing pictures alongside famous artists. Kids can go crazy with colours, textures and patterns with different methods of painting and the ability to save your pictures and print them out. It gives an end result which can’t be achieved using more traditional painting apps and teaches exploration through art.

Native Numbers

There is such a vast selection of  Maths apps available and ‘Native Numbers’ really is one of the best; creating a deeper learning and solid foundation for maths development. It is one of the few maths apps which has been created through solid research that really teaches children the basic skills which are required to learn how maths works whilst being fun and enjoyable to play. Well worth downloading!Top 10 educational apps for kids

Social Quest

If you want your kids to develop their social skills and interaction, then ‘Social Quest’ is a must. It has a puzzle solving theme in which children have to work their way through various locations and pick up rewards and it’s mainly aimed at middle through to senior school age kids. It was created by Rosie Simms, an author and Speech-Language Pathologist and is great at getting kids to question how’s and why’s of social interaction, whilst still feeling like an exciting game.

Reading Raven

‘Reading Raven’ is a highly acclaimed app aimed at developing a child’s reading abilities without them even knowing! With many fun features, effective instructions, no advertising, sticker rewards and many other fantastic attributes, kids progress at their own pace from learning single words through to reading full sentences.

Letter school

Kids aren’t restricted to practicing their handwriting with a pen and paper and with ‘Letter School’ they can develop their writing and fine motor skills in a fun filled app which is engaging and entertaining. This is an award winning app that has accolades from just about everyone in the industry and will be the most fun your child can have learning to write!

Tense builder

‘Tense Builder’ is an app which has managed to teach children one of the hardest concepts to grasp in the English language – how to identify and use the correct tense and use verbs forms properly. It features animated movies and lessons to teach how past, present and future tense should be used and has a recording feature allowing children to record sentences in their own voice. Winning 3 educational app awards last year, it will be an asset to any tablet!

Numerosity: Play with math

This is another fantastic maths app helping children become engaged and empowered while they learn. It’s based on a cutting edge approach to learning and kids love the exiting games and playful learning approach, putting them in the driving seat and in control of their progression.Top 10 educational apps for kids

School Fish

For kids who haven’t started their educational journey in school yet, ‘School Fish HD’ is an engaging and innovative app in which colourful fish help your child to learn all about letters, shapes, numbers and colours, while being in an exciting under the sea environment. It’s a great stepping stone to start and build their learning, while they play with the fun little fish.

Zoo Interactive Environment

Created for children aged 2 to 6, Zoo Interactive Environment Series is a perfect for animal loving kids as they explore the various habitats of the exotic animals through out the colourful and exciting zoo. They learn new facts and figures as they take fun quizzes along the way and it’s guaranteed to bring out the biologist or veterinarian in any child!

Scout’s ABC Garden

Kids love an app that really is interactive and ‘Scout’s ABC Garden’ will really engage them as the interactive dog will learn your child’s name, their favourite colour, favourite food and all the other things they love, holding their attention and keeping them focused as they work through a variety of number and letter activities. Created by LeapFrog, one of the leading developers of educational learning for children, you know you’re in safe hands with this innovative app.


Parents are often criticized for letting children use their phones or tablets to ‘entertain’ them instead of being outside playing team sports and physical activities. While there is no denying children thrive on physical activities and traditional learning, educational apps can play an important role in a child’s development and there is no reason children shouldn’t benefit from every kind of stimulation, whether it’s in the classroom, on the playing fields or on a tablet or phone.






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