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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for kids 2013

Christmas Gifts for Kids

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No sooner have we packed away the barbeques, summer dresses and flip flops when Christmas is upon on. The kids are scouring catalogues and the internet, making up lists as long as your arm for what they want Santa to bring, while we’re contemplating what size turkey will feed the family and how to pay for it all! So we’ve got our heads together with Character Online, one of the leading manufacturers of children’s toys, and come up with a ‘top five fab gifts for children’ list!


Teksta Puppy £59.99

If the kids have been pestering for a pooch this Christmas then this interactive pup, available in blue and pink, is the perfect alternative to the real thing. It responds to voice, lights, sounds and physical gestures in a life-like manner and will keep them entertained for hours, without the need for long walks, vet bills, poop-a-scoops or muddy paws!


Chillfactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker – £12.99

Suitable for kids age 3 and above, this amazing gift will really blow their minds, giving them the ability to make tasty and delicious slushy drinks in seconds, and at £12.99, it won’t break the bank either!


Doctor Who 12” British Icon Dalek Collectors Edition – £39.99

Doctor Who has been on our TV screens for decades and although kids will love this this iconic toy, we’re sure there will be a few adults who wouldn’t mind sneaking this on their list for Santa too! This collector’s edition Dalek has been created especially for the 50th anniversary year and features Dalek phrases, light and sound effects as well as a poseable arm, head and eye. A definite collectable and antique of the future.

Christmas Gifts

Monsters University Frat House Storage Unit – £12.99

Both kids and parents flocked to the cinema this summer to see the prequel to the hugely popular and successful Monsters Inc. film, so we’re sure kids will be asking for Monsters University toys this Christmas. The Frat House Storage Unit allows you to build up your own fraternity by collect doors and then sliming the monsters with goo. Kids will be able to connect frat houses together and build up their very own Monsters University!


Glow Crazy Pattern Painter – £19.99

This fun and fabulous gift will enable your kids to have all the fun of painting with none of the mess! They can paint light patterns on special glow cling paper with over 50 different patters to choose from as well as having a free hand tool to let them create their own glow in the dark masterpieces! The special glow paper will stick to walls allowing kids to ‘paint’ up-right or at the table and no need to worry about damaged walls as the cling paper is easily removable. What’s more, they’re reusable too so their creativity can be expressed, over and over again!




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