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Top five shopping loyalty cards

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Shopping loyalty schemes are increasingly big business, we generally all seem to have them filling up our purses or wallets these days. Take a look at the top five shopping loyalty cards listed below and work out which one is the best for you and your family- also don’t forget to trade in or claim those points!


Nectar has recently revamped its loyalty scheme a decade after it was launched.

Partnerships include Sainsbury’s; which sees their credit card customers earning points which can be spent on items.

Where can nectar points be collected?

You can collect nectar points at more than 500 online stores including; Sainsbury’s, Homebase, Vision Express, BP, Expedia, British Gas and more.

How many points per pound?

The average points accumulated per pound are two on everyday shopping, fuel you receive one point per litre plus there are many deals at specialist retailers. One company, Expedia offer 200 points on flights. Nectar often send bonus point vouchers to cardholders for individual retailers. If you head over to the nectar website you’ll find all sorts of deals, such as British Gas offering 200 points when you switch to direct debit.

The value?

Each point is worth half a penny, not much I agree but they can soon accumulate. For many opportunities to double the value, check the website for more information. Simply look for offers which allow you to double the points.

You can redeem your points online or in store, as long as you have your card with you. Argos, Expedia and Homebase are just a few companies that accept nectar cards. Nectar points are valid for as long as you remain active in the scheme, inactive accounts for 12 months will be closed all points will be lost.

Tesco Clubcard

Where can Tesco Clubcard points be collected?

You can collect Tesco Clubcard points when you are shopping in stores, online, filling up the car, topping up your Tesco mobile phone, paying your Tesco broadband and more. Customers of the Tesco credit card can also collect Clubcard points on their purchases.

Tesco loyalty card

How many points per pound?

On average you will receive one point per pound, on your purchases you will receive half a point. In England you will receive “Green Clubcard points” if you reuse your own carrier bags. You will receive one point per bag and you receive vouchers to use in store to collect bonus points.

The value?

One point each call is 1p off products, but these can be converted under the Tesco Clubcard rewards scheme. For example, in this scheme £10 Clubcard vouchers converts into £40 of vouchers to spend in high-street restaurants such as pizza express and more.

Simply by scanning your Clubcard every time you shop. You can also enrol in the Christmas Savers club, you can top up your savings account at any time with as little as 50p. Tesco than add bonus amounts when you reach certain saving values, these points are sent out in November and you can use them in the Christmas exchange. This allows you to double the value across clothing, toys, frozen foods and more. Vouchers are normally sent out every three months, providing you have at least 150 points in your account. These can be spent on petrol, groceries, electrical and more in-store and online.

Vouchers are valid for two years from the date of issue, and a maximum of 30,000 points can be accumulated within one collection period.

Boots Advantage Card

Where can Boots Advantage Card points be collected?

You can collect points on purchases from Boots in-store or online .

How many points per pound?

The current standard rate is four points per pound. Boots often run bonus promotions, especially in the run-up to Christmas where you can earn up to 10 points per pound on certain purchases. Over 60s can sign up to More Treats scheme will get 10 points per pound on Boots own branded products.

The value?

Each point is with one penny and there is no scheme to increase the value.


Redeeming the points can be done online or in store with your advantage card, and can only be redeemed in Boots stores or online. There is no time limit on Boots advantage card points.

Superdrug Beauty Card

Where can Superdrug Beauty Card points be collected?

You can accumulate points in Superdrug branches or online.

How many points per pound?

The rate is one point per pound.

Is there a chance to earn extra points?

Superdrug run various promotions regularly and these offers can vary, so best to check the website.

The value?

Each point is worth 1p and it’s impossible to increase the value as all the points have the same value. You can redeem the points online or in store with your beauty card, against other purchases. The points are valid for two years but if your account has been inactive for a year they will become invalid.

Costa Coffee company overview

Costa Coffee Club

Where can Costa Coffee Club points be collected?

Points can be collected in participating Costa Coffee stores, you should note that not all stores offer this facility.

How many points per pound?

You will receive five points per pound on all purchases.

Is there a chance to earn extra points?

When you first register you will receive 100 points as an incentive to register your card, you’ll also receive mailings with various bonus promotions.

The value?

Each point is worth 1p.

You can only redeem the points in participating Costa coffee stores. There is no limit on the points, however if the card has been inactive for a year or points will be invalid.

Personal favourite?

My personal favourite is Costa Coffee, I have had quite a few freebies from my loyalty card over the last year. Closely followed by Tesco Clubcard, I have been able to get theme park tickets free with these which has saved me a lot of money.

I have recently had a big clear out of my purse however, I realised that I had 12 loyalty cards and thought it was getting a bit silly!





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