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Top ten tips for bagging a bargain online


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We all like to think we’re getting the best deal when we’re shopping online, so here’s our list of the top ten tips for bagging a bargain online.

Use discount vouchers

These are a great way of getting what you want for less. Dedicated sites, such as VoucherCodes.co.uk and MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, update their listings daily so you can always find the latest deals. Sign up for their email newsletters as well and they’ll alert you to the best codes and limited time offers.

Register for newsletters

You might be put off signing up for retailer’s newsletters because of the risk of spam and unsolicited emails. This is a way of the store’s gaining your information for marketing emails, but it can also be worthwhile for you. Some sites offer special discounts off your first order for signing up and others will send out regular discounts and offers for registered customers. It’s especially worthwhile registering with a store you shop at regularly.

Get a cashback credit card

If you’ve got a fairly good credit score, then you should be able to apply for a cashback credit card. These give you a certain percentage of your money back for purchases you pay for on your card. This is only beneficial if you pay off the balance in full every month; otherwise you’ll be charged interest which will take away any of the benefits. The amount you’ll receive back varies between lenders, but it can be as much as 5%.

Go through cashback sites

This is a way of buying goods from your favourite retailers for less. You can register for free on sites such as TopCashBack.co.uk. When you want to buy from certain online stores, simply go through their site and you’ll receive cashback on your purchase. It’s important to still look for the best deal, as the cashback isn’t guaranteed.

Take advantage of discounts

If you’re a student, work in the health service or the armed forces, you might be entitled to discounts at some retailers. Often these are heavily promoted on the home page, but other sites hide them away and you have to search for them. It’s worth doing though, as the discounts are usually ongoing and apply to most purchases.

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Order in advance

We all have busy lives and sometimes we’re not as organised with our birthday and Christmas shopping as we’d like to be. However, by ordering goods in advance you’ll spend less on postage costs. Many retailers offer free delivery if you spend a certain amount, but this service usually takes longer than their standard or next day option. By shopping at the last minute you’ll be caught by large next day delivery costs.

Find eBay bargains

You always know someone who’s found a great bargain on eBay. However, when you give it a go you’re always lulled into bidding too much or lose out at the last minute. There are still bargains to be found on the site, if you look in the right places. Larger items are usually offered for collection only, so generally attract fewer bids. You can search by items that are closet to you, reducing the number of potential bidders. When you’re having an item delivered, check the postage costs and work out which is the cheapest item before putting in a bid. Some sellers don’t put enough information on their listings and some buyers don’t bother to ask questions. If there’s no size or dimension mentioned ask the seller through their profile rather than the actual listing. This way it’s less likely any other buyers will see the answer and decide to place a bid.

Shop the outlets

Out of town outlet villages have been around for many years, but many retailers are now opening online versions as well. These offer discounts on past season merchandise and saves you travelling miles. If you want to find details of the major retailers’ outlet sites, check out MoneySavingExpert’s Outlet Store Discount Finder.

Use store concessions

Retailers will often have concessions within department stores, as well as their stand alone brand. There might be a discount event or sale in one of them, but not the other so it’s worth checking out both. Look for eligible discount codes for both sites and factor in delivery costs when you’re working out which is the cheapest.


This free site is a new concept which helps you find the best deal based on the price on Amazon.co.uk. They have a number of partner retailers who will try and beat the price. You are under no obligation to buy from them and you could get a good deal as retailers can offer better discounts for a one-off purchase.





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