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If you’re going on a business trip, short break with the family or even just a weekend away with some friends, you’ll be sure to want to take a few of these amazing little travel gadgets with you.

Iron it

Where would we be without a way to make sure we look our best? From just under £20 you can buy a miniature steam iron from Lakeland to smooth out any wrinkles in your clothes. These tiny irons are as effective as a normal iron, despite their diminutive stature, and can also iron dry instead of using steam.

Caffine fix

For those of you who can’t get up without a cup of coffee in the morning, how about picking up a portable mini kettle and tumblers from Marks & Spencer? Available for little more than the price two lattes in the average coffee shop, you’ll be equipped to provide your own personal caffeine supply for the duration of your break.

Blow dry in a bag!

No matter what anyone says, towels simply do not do as good a job as hair dryers, and for that reason we’ve included this tiny tool on our list. Smaller than the palm of your hand when in use, and able to be made even smaller when in storage due to its nifty folding design, the Superdrug mini travel hairdryer still has some serious power behind it, and you’ll be sure to enjoy not having tangled towel dried hair – a steal at under £10.

Handy hangers

If you’re thinking of going somewhere a little less exotic, inflatable hangers save valuable packing space and won’t take up much room in a tent. Easily able to suspend a shirt or dress off the ground and keep it from getting wrinkled, these sturdy specimens from Kathmandu make the perfect accompaniment to our itsy-bitsy iron.  Who said campers have to be untidy?

Keep your batteries charged

For those of you who can’t stay away from your phone, the Smart Emergency Charger is an absolute must. Only taking two AA batteries, this miniature marvel will charge any smartphone from a completely flat battery to a tested minimum of 60%, easily enough to give you a few extra hours of contact.  Available from Amazon or IWOOT for around £10.

Phone to sat nav

If you’re driving to your destination and you don’t have a satnav system, this brilliant little pad will let you turn your smartphone into a perfect hands free navigation system. Simply stick the Grippy Pad to your dashboard and it’ll hold your phone in place with some very clever friction tricks, and for less than a couple of sandwiches from the Co-op, can you really afford to be without it?  The cheapest we’ve found is from Clickshop.com at £4.95.

A library in the palm of your hand

travel gadgetsWhy carry a single book with when you can have your entire library at your fingertips on a device weighing less than a small paperback?  With e-readers now available from around £50, there’s no longer any reason to leave yours at home when going away for a few days.  Many have built-in lights (or you can get one in your cover) ideal for reading on a darkened aeroplane or in a tent.

The one and only…

Finally, it’s worth bearing in mind that a good old Swiss Army knife boasts a lot more than the knife itself.  How about a nail file, corkscrew, scissors, tweezers, spoon and fork (yes, really!), bottle opener and screwdriver?  As versatile as any smartphone, we think!  Just remember to pack it in your suitcase rather than your hand luggage to avoid problems at customs.


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