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Turn a boring life into a brilliant life

Turn a boring life into a brilliant life

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If the daily grind of Work – Home – Family is leaving you a little jaded then it’s time to reclaim your life and sprinkle a bit of brilliance in each and every day. Even the most apparently insignificant changes can make a difference to your mood, boost your energy and open your mind. With a positive outlook and a spring in your step, you will feel far better equipped to consider all the possibilities in life that may be passing you by. Turn a boring life into a brilliant life!

Find the You Time

When life is already jam-packed your sleep-time is precious – it keeps you recharged. But imagine for a moment the idea of creeping from under the duvet an hour earlier each morning (bear with me!). The kids and your other half are still sleeping, the house is quiet. You use this time to gently ease yourself into your day. You might indulge in a little yoga, or meditation. Perhaps you take the dog for a walk or go for a run, alone, and in the peace of the early morning. When your family then bursts into life you are ready to greet them into your day, mellow and more chilled than you thought was possible. Even the school run feels like a breeze.

Get Moving

It’s one thing to feel metaphorically stuck in a rut with your life, but the reality is that many of us are physically stuck too. Chained to a desk all day, the only exercise we may get is walking to and from the water cooler or the car. Make a point of walking around mid-morning and mid-afternoon, even if it’s only taking a tour of the office, or a stroll around the block. The break from work will improve your efficiency when you return, and the simple act of moving frees-up your subconscious.

Turn a boring life into a brilliant life

Create a daily To-Do list

You may know in your head exactly what you are going to be doing each day, but the act of writing down, and then checking off, key tasks is very empowering. It acts as a reminder of what you’ve achieved. It’s your own personal pat on the back. And it feels great.

Experiment with your Eating Habits

Breakfast and lunch are often rushed affairs, so make a concerted effort to allow sufficient time to place your attention on the act of eating, instead of rushing through these meals while sending emails or taking calls. It doesn’t have to be a lingering affair – even 10-15 minutes of calm, food-focused eating helps your mind to concentrate on you. This act of self-absorption helps to boost your self-worth and reminds you to value and care for your body. In the evenings make an effort to break out of your routine at least once a week. Vary your meals, try new foods, eat outdoors, have a picnic (indoors or out). Meals don’t have to be mundane. You are what you eat, but also HOW you eat. Get creative.

Practice Mindfulness

This simple act of seeing through the rubbish in our days, pushing aside the stresses and difficulties to see the good, helps us to realise that all is not as gloomy as it may seem. Even the most dull of days presents moments of beauty. An act of kindness, an unexpected smile, the sunlight gleaming on a puddle, cheery red berries on a holly bush, a job well done, however small. All these things and so many more represent the good in our lives that we so often miss. Our focus on the big stuff blinds us to all the small stuff that can make such a difference to how we feel about life. Give it a try. Look around you and really see and be grateful for all the little things. Your life is less ordinary that you imagine. Reflect on these things as you climb into bed each day. Life is good, even when it’s not. If you know what I mean!






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