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Are you turning into a frump

Are you turning into a frump

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When I was asked to write this article the answer to the question, “Am I turning into a frump was, no”. No, because I already have! Running around after three small children has left me with no time to even think about fashion never mind attempt to implement it. When choosing clothes in the morning in between getting three breakfasts ready, ironing a school uniform and changing nappies the criteria goes like this.

1:- Are they clean?

2:- If not, can I get away with it for another day?

3:- What is there to hand?

Before children, one former work colleague commented that I was the most colour co-ordinated person that she knew. Now frumpiness has taken over. Fashion has given way to practicality; style has given way to buying clothes hastily when picking up the milk and bread. So what can be done to claw yourself back on to the first rung of the fashion ladder before falling off into an eternal world of jogging bottoms and oversized t-shirts?

Be Honest

Be honest with yourself. Have you let your appearance slip? We all have those slouchy days when we stay in our pyjamas a bit longer and drag our hair back into a pony tail, but is this how we want to look? If the answer is yes, then fine, but if you are just making do (like me) at the sacrifice of getting your daily jobs done then maybe it’s time to change.

Clear Out

Throw out any clothes that you don’t like, don’t wear, don’t fit you anymore or are just plain old ancient. It only dawned on me while having a massive clear out, that I’ve been living in a fashion time warp for years and have probably looked bad for quite a while. By quite a while I mean five years, the age of my oldest daughter. Some of the clothes I had, I wore when I was 18. Enough said. This will give you the wardrobe space and impetus to buy something new.

Buy For Your Body Now

Buy clothes that fit the shape you are now, not the shape you were before babies or the fantasy shape you think you are. Pregnancy changes our bodies dramatically and it’s no use trying to squeeze into size 10 jeans if your hip bones have widened by a couple of inches. I’ve tried, it hurts and it’s really uncomfortable. During my clear out I found loads of tight t-shirts that used to look great with combat pants, but now I have belly flab and am much older it’s just not a good look. Belly button length tops no longer work I need the protection and security of longer attire.

Are you turning into a frump

Relearn What Suits You

Wipe the slate clean. When shopping, try on different clothes and colours to find out what suits. Clothes are a big expression of ourselves and our personalities, so if we want a bit more comfort and practicality that’s fine, but it can also look good.

Make Time

Make time for you. Make time to remember what you like to wear. To brush your hair, go the whole hog and wash your hair more frequently and remember that old friend make-up. Something as small as painting your nails or putting in some earrings will help fight the frump.




About Joanne Lowe

About Joanne Lowe

Joanne is a mum of three children all under the age of five. She came to parenthood quite late watching close friends change nappies and choose school uniforms while focusing on a career in radio. She is a broadcast journalist, newsreader, radio producer and parenting blogger, who juggles freelance work with minding her kids. Joanne was born in Australia and moved to the north of England as a child and thinks living in these two ‘no nonsense’ areas has made her straight talking. She is also mother to a baby boy who didn’t make it here. Joanne enjoys writing about being a mum and calls it her therapy. She spends most of her time trying to make sure that the right kid’s socks are in the right drawers, and getting her children to sleep and stay asleep! Joanne hopes her writing is honest with a dash of humour, and will give people real advice. In her spare time she usually stares into space and falls asleep, too tired to do anything more.

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