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Update Your Christmas Decor In Five Easy Steps

Update Your Christmas Decor In Five Easy Steps

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You’ve retrieved your Christmas decorations from the loft, dusted them down and now you’ve decided that you’d like to do something a little different this year. After all, you’ve been putting the same decorations up for years now. However, time and cost can be a factor when updating your Christmas décor and you might not want to replace the whole lot in one go.

If you’d like to add something to this year’s festive décor here’s how to do it without replacing everything or breaking the bank.

Colour scheme

A colour scheme can look striking and gives the impression that plenty of thought and effort has gone into your decorations. Have a sift through what you already have and pull out the colours you have most of. Blues and silvers work well for a wintry glow, while reds and greens are unmistakably festive. Stick to only two or three different colours and spread them out evenly.

Your colour scheme can extend from your tree to baubles hanging from light fixtures and tinsel trimming shelves to give the whole room a makeover. Don’t forget to ensure your choice doesn’t clash with your wallpaper!

Table settings

Hosting Christmas dinner can be stressful affair but a thoughtfully styled dining table will give guests a lovely first impression. Firstly you’ll need a crisp tablecloth. This and the colour of your everyday décor will determine what you do with the tabletop decorations. A neutral room will look fantastic with sprigs of holly and berries (make sure they don’t get eaten!) while fairy lights in a bowl make a simple yet effective centrepiece. Lay out your best tableware, cutlery and glasses to give a professional touch. Table styling can be done on Christmas Eve to prolong the festive feel and give you more time on Christmas Day.

Go large

When you’ve spent years accumulating lots of bits and bobs it can be tempting just to put them all out. However, this can often look like Christmas has thrown up on your living room! Rather than having lots of little decorations, focus on incorporating a few larger pieces. All those baubles that didn’t fit on your tree can be placed in a bowl to create one large focal point. Alternatively, arrange a few candles in one large hurricane lamp. You don’t have to go out and buy loads of huge pieces, just use your imagination to create new pieces from the things you already have.


Update Your Christmas Decor In Five Easy StepsIf your old decorations are looking a little drab then a cheap and easy way to update them is with glitter. Mix together some glitter glue or buy some glitter spray paint, get everyone wrapped up warm and take the decorations outside to be transformed. One coat of glitter should be enough to make decorations sparkle and the kids will have great fun doing it. You can also use this trick to jazz up plain candleholders, bottles and jars.

Go outside

You don’t have to go all out with thousands of lights to make the exterior of your house look festive and welcoming. Keep things simple with a classic wreath on the front door. You can make one yourself, buy one or opt for an artificial wreath to enjoy in years to come.



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