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Water games for kids to play this summer

Water games for kids to play this summer

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The long summer holidays are here and there is nothing kids love more than messing about with water. There is something so appealing and generically fun about getting soaking wet and/or watching someone else get a good drenching! There are many games that we can play that involve water, it can be cheap, fun and fill in those long hours – let’s have a look at a few of those.

Dodge the sponge

For this fast paced game, not only are speedy reactions necessary, but you will need four buckets (filled with cool water), 4 sponges, cones or dividers and of course towels!! You need to play this game on an open grassy area and then divide the kids into two teams. Set out the boundaries with your cones, dividers (or even string) and then space the buckets of water (with the sponges in them) as evenly as possible in a row between the teams.

The teams need to be spread out in a single row at either side of the buckets. On the sound of the referee’s whistle or shout (..erm that’s you) the teams are to race to the buckets to grab a sponge and the lucky team member who wins and grabs the sponge then throws it at the opposing team member – see fun fun fun!

The player that has been hit is then out. If a player catches a sponge though they can invite a team member back in and the thrower is out – nice twist! The first team to eliminate their opposition are the winners!

The Sponge relay

For this one you will need one sponge, one bucket of water and 1 large bowl per team. Teams (of three of four) line up in single file and place a bucket and sponge in front of the first player on each team. About 20-25 feet from the first player place a large empty bowl. On the word “go” the first team member fills their sponge with water, runs to the bowl and squeezes the water from the bowl. They then return to their team and pass the sponge to their next in line team member – first team to get the bowl brimming over with water wins!

Water balloon game

For this you will need a few balloons (no surprise) filled with water – and towels! Divide the kids into pairs. They have to stand about a foot apart and on the word “go” they toss the balloon to their partner. If a balloon bursts or is dropped that pair is out! The remaining ones have to move another foot apart and repeat the process – moving a foot further apart each time. The winning pair are the ones who have caught all their balloons and their balloon is still intact.

Water Limbo

Get the kids in flexible mode! You will need a garden hosepipe for this one (with adjustable nozzle), music and of course those trusty towels! First you need someone to hold the hose (best an adult do this) and then line the kids in single file. Get the water to stream in a steady line, put the music on and each one takes a turn ducking or limbo dancing under the water – if they touch it they are out. Each time lower the stream of water. The winner will be the only one to successfully go under each time without getting wet.

Water games for kids to play this summer

Slip and slide

A fun favourite – where the kids won’t want to stop! You will need several plastic bin bags (opened up through the middle and securely taped together). A hose pipe and those all-important towels must be on standby. Find a wide grassy flat are to lay out the bags. For this one though you need to make absolutely sure that there are no rocks, sticks, tree stumps or absolutely anything there that could cause injury. Once the slide is ready hose it down to get it wet. Then line up the kids who can then take it in turns to belly flop down the slide. Make sure you wet the slide again each time it has been used. You can score the most inventive sliders.

Water Pinata

This is another crowd pleaser, and you will need a bins liner filled with water tied with sturdy string, a bat or stick and blindfold. First hang the bag from a tree (at eye level to the majority of the kids) making sure that the place you hang it allows room for them to swing. Stand the children in a queue a few feet away and call the children up one at a time. Whoever’s turn it is must wear the blindfold then spin around three times and they then have three attempts to hit the pinata. After the third attempt if unsuccessful the child goes to the back of the line. Continue the game until the pinata bursts open.

These are just a few fun water games that can keep the kids occupied but remember where there is water and highly charged children there can be danger so they must always be supervised by an adult and all steps taken to ensure that the games are carried out safely. Have fun!







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