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Ways to save for that dream holiday

ways to save for that dream holiday

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Most of us have that dream holiday that we’d love to go on but simply can’t afford. However, with a bit of effort and scrimping you may find ways to save for that dream holiday . It may take time but as they say, good things come to those who wait.


You don’t want to have a fantastic holiday and come back to worry about the debts you’ve incurred to afford it so it’s best to save as much cash towards your holiday as you possibly can. You’ll be able to enjoy the trip much more if you can relax knowing that it has already been paid for.

Work out costs

In order to save properly, you’re going to need to know how much it is all going to cost. Air and transport fares, travel insurance, accommodation, sightseeing trips, food and drink and of course spending money all have to be factored in. You should also try and set aside some cash for use in emergencies.


Once you have an estimate of costs in mind you can start to budget. Work out where you can make savings by shopping around or cutting down. You may be surprised at how much cash you can save by giving up your morning Starbucks or making your own lunch to take to work instead of buying out. Keep a budget diary of where and when you spend money and use it to figure out where you can make savings. Your holiday is your motivation for saving, so keep your goal to the front of your mind to help you along the way.

Direct debit

Studies have shown that people who set aside money every payday reach their target amounts faster than those who save what’s left at the end of the month. Be realistic in the amount you put aside each month but commit to transferring it into a different account to stop you dipping into it.

High interest

Once you have made some progress and have some savings in the bag, you need to make the most of them. There’s no point in all your savings lying dormant in a current account when they could be building up interest for you in a savings account. Using this type of account also means you’re less likely to withdraw some of your savings if you’re running short.

Credit cards

Credit cards can be convenient for using while you’re abroad as you don’t need to carry huge amounts of cash with you and you can use them in emergencies. They can also give extra security in case anything goes wrong. However, to avoid debt it’s best wherever possible it’s best to pay off your credit card promptly. If you decide to take out a credit card to help pay for your holiday, make sure it is one that offers 0% interest for the first six months or more.

Discipline = Dream holiday!

If you really want to take that trip then you’re going to have to make sacrifices to pay for it and that can take a fair bit of discipline. However, it’ll all be worth it when you’re sitting on that aeroplane ready to take off for your dream holiday.



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