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What body shape are you


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Working out what your body shape is allows you to put together outfits that flatter your figure. It also means you can better target areas that might need a bit of a workout. While there are a few basic body shapes, not all women will fall exactly into just one category. Most of us are a hybrid of two or more so don’t panic if you don’t recognise yourself in one, just decide which one matches your figure closest.

The Hourglass

The hourglass body shape is usually classed as being feminine and curvaceous. Signs you have an hourglass figure include a full bust, slim waist and larger thighs with hips that are around the same width as your shoulders. When choosing an outfit to flatter an hourglass figure make the most of your slim midsection by selecting jackets and tops that cinch at the waist. Try to keep your top and bottom halves balanced and keep it simple with classic cuts teamed with a few stylish accessories.

The Apple

body shapeCharacteristics of an apple shaped body are having a fuller, rounder mid-section and a slimmer lower body. If most of your weight is carried around your bust and tummy areas then you may have an apple shaped figure. Pattern and detail on the sleeves of tops will draw attention away from the tummy. Apple shaped women often have great legs so play around with skirt lengths and show them off! Avoid high necklines and wear funky jewellery to take attention away from your middle area. Ruched tops and dresses are great for flattering apple shapes.

The Pear

Women that are pear shaped tend to have slim shoulders, a smaller bust and a defined waist with more generous hips, bottoms and thighs. Slim fitting tops and chunky necklaces help draw the eye to the upper body. Wearing darker clothes on the bottom will have a slimming effect and A-line skirts look great on pear shaped figures. Avoid trousers like combats with loads of pockets that will draw the eye downward.

The Column

Also referred to as an athletic or boyish figure, the column body shape is defined by a small bust and slim hips with few curves. Lovely long lean legs and slim arms are also often associated with a column body shape. Fitted jackets and shirts will kick in at the waist, giving the illusion of curves underneath. High heels will accentuate your long legs and A-line skirts or flared trousers can help add shape to an outfit.

Inverted Triangle

A feature of many of today’s catwalk models, the inverted triangle body shape has broad shoulders combined with slim waist and hips and a flatter bottom. To balance your body shape, wear any patterns and details on the lower half of your outfit, keeping the top half plain and fuss-free. Adding a wide belt to your outfit will help create a defined waistline. Avoid shoulder pads and puff sleeves as well as skinny jeans and skirts with a slim hemline.




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