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What to buy men for Christmas

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We women all struggle with the prospect of buying presents for our nearest and dearest, don’t want clothes, don’t want aftershave, don’t know what I want! Sound familiar? Well ladies no need to despair, here are a few idea’s what to buy men for Christmas that may help you buy the right present(not socks and undies)  and put a smile on his face.


If your man is DIY minded then tools are the perfect present. Subtly take an interest in the jobs your man’s doing and get on to the subject of tools. This may give you some ideas as to which tools to buy.


Only if your man wears a watch, to receive a gift of something you will never wear would be disappointing and a waste of money. Check online to see what is hot at the moment and choose the perfect watch for him.


Most men love a real good quality bathrobe, Sunday mornings having a relax and reading the papers in a fluffy bathrobe sounds just the ticket!

DVD collection

Most men love Dvd’s, a box set of his favourite series or film collection will keep him quiet for hours. The added bonus is that if you like them too you can sit and watch them together and spend some quality time with each other.

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Again only if your man uses a wallet! Not some cheap and cheerful leather look wallet from the bargain stores on the high street, no something a bit special, real leather and with enough compartments for cards, change and notes. For the extra special touch if the wallet has a photo window you could get one of yourself and put it in the wallet for that extra special touch.

Espresso machine

Gadgets!!! Men love gadgets and if he loves coffee then an espresso machine will suit him down to the ground. Making his own espresso in the mornings is a treat and if you are lucky he may make you one too!

Sports/concert tickets

Too be honest most men either love sport or music if not both, receiving tickets to a sports game or a gig would be a great gift for him. Track days for bikes or cars are also a great option if they enjoy racing. Remember tickets to the theatre or a musical maybe what you would like but if your man is not interested then that would be a waste of money!


The high streets are full of new and exciting aftershaves and perfumes around Christmas time. If your man loves aftershave then this will be greatly accepted. You will probably know roughly what type of fragrance he prefers so do your homework and find out what’s new. Always read reviews too if you have time as this can save you money in the long run, fancy packaging and bottles can often sell an aftershave or perfume but if when wearing it you notice people walking in the opposite direction you may have made the wrong choice!

A fine malt

Not for every man granted, whiskey is an acquired taste but if your man enjoys a tipple now and again then a bottle of finest malt will be just perfect. Why not look for a whiskey specialist and see what they have to offer. Also do some research and see if there is a distillery local to you that do tours this would be an alternative gift too. Supermarkets also have some great deals on at Christmas.

Mobile phone

Not all men are gadget freaks and have the latest smart phone on the market! If you find yourself cringing when your fella answers his phone while out with you then I think this would be a good time to upgrade to something a little more modern. Not necessarily a new contract, maybe a new phone perhaps, the deals on the high street or online now are fantastic and offer so much for a small monthly contract, even pay as you go have great deals so do your homework and upgrade your man into the 21st century!

I hope this article has inspired you a little and given you a few ideas, there’s nothing worse than receiving gifts that you really don’t want or like so ladies think on, you know all the wardrobe and draw space that’s clogged up with unwanted gifts your man has received, get rid to charity and free up the space for new things for him and you of course!!




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