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When a voucher code costs a company big


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Most of us love to use a voucher code when shopping online, in fact I would think that many of use would refuse to check out online until we have searched for a voucher code. It’s hardly like extreme couponing in the US but we do feel better about a purchase with a little goodwill on the part of the retailer.

Voucher code shopping in the UK

Sometimes these voucher codes enable us to receive free delivery on the goods that we order, or it could be a percentage off the price of the order depending on where you are shopping.

In the UK we are big online shoppers, in fact the biggest in the developed world. 66% of adults in the UK purchased goods or services online in 2011 and the most popular purchases were clothing and sports goods reported by the Office for National Statistics.

Voucher gone viral

It’s not common for there to be problems associated with voucher codes, so when a voucher code for a whopping 90% off was accidentally circulated online we were all rather surprised that the company honoured the orders with the huge discount.

Razer, the online gaming company behind the viral voucher code fiasco back in April 2013, could have easily cancelled the orders to thousands of their customers that they received with the 90% discount but they chose not to.  The products were sold hugely below their cost to the company, meaning the small company had to swallow the loss. Razer operate with a customer comes first mentality which is unusual, especially when legally the code was only intended to be used once for one order.

The other unusual part of the story is that some of their faithful gaming fans actually cancelled their orders when they realised what had happened and re-ordered the goods and paid full price to support the company.

Online shopping is clearly different to shopping in store; I wonder how many people if given too much change in a small shop would inform the cashier? We would assume that a mistake would be pointed out when face to face with a real person…. but in an online store?

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