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Which boarding kennels do I choose for my dog


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The pet owners among you will testify to the fact that your four-legged friends are part of the family. If you’re going on a holiday with no pets allowed you will probably be facing the same problem as millions of other dog lovers out there – which boarding kennels do I choose for my dog?

Just as you wouldn’t leave your children trapped in a horrible smelly place where they are not looked after properly, the same is true of your dog. If you haven’t got family or friends to help out it is likely you’ll be looking for boarding kennels for them. But how do you choose the right one?

Start looking early for boarding kennels

The key is to start the search months in advance – don’t leave it until the last minute. The best boarding kennels will be booked up very early, especially during peak holiday season, so you’ll need to get in as soon as possible.

Get recommendations

Ask around among fellow dog lovers, at the vets or local pet shop for the best kennels and check out the services on offer with at least two or three different providers. Make sure you visit the shortlist in person, again well in advance of your planned trip.  Some will let you turn up unannounced, which usually speaks volumes for the standard on offer.

Have a look, a really good look around

boarding kennelsHave a good look round and ask about what size kennel your dog would be staying in, how often they would be walked, what other exercise they would get etc. There should be a sleeping area and an exercise run, as well as regular walks plus access to a bigger secure area for play. Look for clean, well ventilated and tidy boarding kennels with happy, settled guests. Dogs from different families shouldn’t be able to come into contact with each other because of the risk of infections.

Ask questions

During your initial visit find out a few basic details such as whether the staff are friendly and experienced, whether there is a vet on call, if they can cope with any special requirements, such as diet or grooming, and if your requested dates are available. All kennels also have to be licensed by the local authority and should have evidence of this on display in the form of a certificate.

Make sure you choose the right one

If you’re not entirely happy then visit more facilities if it’s practical to do so, as you will have a much more enjoyable time if you feel your dog is being looked after while you are away.

The kennel should insist that dogs are vaccinated and you will need to take a copy of your pet’s vaccination certificate from the vet before their stay.  Check what else you need to bring in for the boarding. You may be required to provide items such as bedding, toys, treats and any specialist food or medications.




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