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Winter Gardening Tips

Winter garden

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  • Bring your garden path to life by sweeping with a stiff brush, this will remove moss, weeds etc.
  • Prune your roses – start by removing any disease or dead branches. Cut back branches which touch each other and cut back long arms.
  • Digging your garden in winter will provide a moisture and food reserve the plants. Make sure the ground isn’t waterlogged or frozen and use a garden fork to loosen the soil and remove any weeds.
  • It’s vital you protect tender herbs from frost; herbs such as olive and Bay can be taken under cover.
  • Plant native trees and shrubs to create natural food for wildlife.

Trees for winter planting

  • Gather all the tools you’ve used during the past few months, give them a good clean and store away.
  • Winter is a good season to check fences, gates and other structures for rot and a weak sections. Replace or repair before the high winds arrive.
  • If you don’t have a compost bin start a compost heap; place all the fallen leaves, clippings etc. in a pile in the corner of the garden.
  • You can continue to plant bulbs as long as the ground is soft enough to dig a hole. Add mulch as this will help keep the temperature stable.
  • Don’t fertilise the plants already in your garden, as this will force them to start new growth before the ground warms in the spring.
  • If you’ve experienced a heavy snow fall, the shake off the snow from hedges, shrubs and trees so they are not weighed down.



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