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Winter hobbies

time for the gym

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Long dark evenings and cold wet days snuggled in front of the fire may be cosy at first, but the novelty soon wears off and it’s often not long before boredom sets in. You’ll be yearning for the pub garden in no time. But before you resign yourself to five months under the duvet, winter can be the perfect time to take up some  new season-appropriate winter hobbies.  Here are some ideas to keep you entertained until the warmer weather returns.


Have you got a machine that’s been gathering dust in the loft that you keep meaning to get out? Well now’s your chance. You could try making a quilt to snuggle under, or designing your own winter wardrobe. If sewing’s not your thing, there’s also knitting (didn’t you need a new scarf?) or crocheting. The latter is something the whole family can get involved with. You could all crochet your own squares which can then be sewn together to make a big family blanket for those chilly nights in front of the TV.


Grab a pad or laptop and sit yourself down by the window, or at your favourite coffee haunt, and have a go at writing. Whether poetry, fiction, a diary or even blogging – the rise of modern technology means there’s now a huge virtual audience just waiting to lap up your musings.


The tennis court may be off the agenda for now, but there are plenty of forms of indoor exercise you could be taking part in. Why not start a regular class and learn a new skill at the same time? You could get stuck in to the latest dance craze and pick up some new salsa, tango, line dancing or belly dancing moves.


Warming Veggie Minestrone

Standing in front of a hot oven in the summer is often the last thing you want to do, but winter is the perfect time to brush up on your baking and cooking skills. It’s also the most enjoyable time to eat the fruits of your labour. Other family members will also appreciate the smell of baking cookies which they can eat alongside a warming cup of hot chocolate. Again, thanks to the internet, you now have millions of recipes to try at your fingertips. Winter warmers such as stews, casseroles and soups also lend themselves to freezing in big batches.


Researching your family history can also prove to be an interesting pastime. With online records and a range of websites now dedicated to the art, it’s easier than ever to find out about your lineage. Who knows, maybe you are descended from royalty? A well-presented family tree can also make a great Christmas gift.


winter hobbies

There are plenty of crafts to keep hands busy during the dark days. Why not have a go at jewellery or soap making for example? Or you could really impress your friends and family by making your own Christmas cards this year. You never know, your handiwork could even turn into a little earner for you; most towns have regular craft fairs at which you could sell your products.




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