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10 signs of distress in dogs

We’re all probably aware that if a dog is growling, snarling its lips and bearing its teeth, we are being given pretty clear signs the dog is unhappy and warning us to stay away. This can be due to aggression, fear or stressful situations. However, very few of us are aware of the less obvious

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Pet insurance is it value for money

With many pets joining households every year, it’s a good time to think of just how much that adorable little fluffball is going to cost you in the long run.  Once you have their routine vaccinations/neutering out of the way (and that’s £100-odd right there!) you need to consider what you’d do if they got

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Should we get a cat

The Pet Discussion is almost like a rite of passage for parents.  At some point your little angels will almost certainly be taken by a burning desire to nurture an animal.  From this point on you will be nagged into oblivion until you cave in with a “Yes”.  The pet that you choose will define

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pet jealousy

Do pets get jealous

If your pet has ever reacted strangely when you’ve brought a new friend, partner, baby or pet into the home then it’s likely he could have a touch of the old green-eyed monster.  Just like humans, animals can feel jealous of other animals as well as people who might take over their territory or their

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buying a puppy

Microchipping dogs

Do I have to have my dog Microchipped? If you don’t already have your dog microchipped, then now is the time to get it done! With legislation coming into place by April 2016, microchipping dogs will soon become compulsory rather than optional  in England and by 1st March 2015, all dogs in Wales are required

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rehoming small animals

Rehoming small animals

What to consider when buying a small animal Have you ever considered choosing a small animal as a pet? Most people see the fluffy rabbits, mice and rats in the pet stores and buy them without properly considering their needs. Small animals may not need as much exercise as say a dog but they have

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