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adopting an older cat

Adopting an older cat

Thousands of cats get overlooked in rescue centres the UK due to the fact they are older. Cats aged 8 and 9 are even overlooked as people generally think this age group is “old”, realistically they are middle aged and cats these days tend to live late into their teens. Summer is the worst time

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buying a puppy

Buying a puppy

Why it’s so important to see a pup with it’s mother? Those energetic balls of fluff and cute little faces can melt anyone’s heart, but if you’ve made the decision to become a dog owner and are buying a puppy, then it’s vitally important you buy one responsibly. A responsible dog owner should research the

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eastenders storyline

Puppy Farming: Why does the cruelty continue?

As a nation of dog lovers, you would hope that the UK would have some of the most stringent laws around the breeding and sale of man’s best friend. But despite legislation in place, there are still a vast amount of dogs and puppies kept in horrific conditions and literally ‘bred to death’ purely to

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Family with labrador dog

Rehoming a dog

If you’ve got a soft spot for animals and have ever walked round a dog shelter, it can be very hard to resist bringing them all home! But as much as we might want to save a dog from months or years of barking away in a sparse kennel, rehoming a dog is a huge

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