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taking up a musical instrument

Taking up a musical instrument

What instrument to play? Nobody in my family has a musical inclination or even thought of taking up a musical instrument – I can bash out Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano, and that’s about it. But I’ve noticed my son taking a keen interest in music, and the other day I heard

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increase the value of your home child with garden journal

Make a garden journal

There is nothing like keeping the children entertained while getting their creative juices flowing at the same time. Making a garden journal is fun and interactive for all involved, you may find that you can make this activity last a number of weeks rather than a few minutes! How to make a garden journal Purchase

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Dressing up

Keep bored children entertained

When the weather is unsettled kids tend to run havoc with boredom throughout the house. Here are some ideas to keep bored children occupied and you stress free. (1) Fashion show – All little girls love to dress up and experiment with their mothers make-up, so host a special fashion show. Get the paper, pens

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Arts and crafts without the mess

Do you dread the “doing something constructive” or arty things with your offspring? Don’t worry, so do most parents. It’s ten times more fiddly than it looks, so if we have to help we get as stuck as they do – and then there’s a pile of paper to clear up, glue on the carpet

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Rainy day box

Make a rainy day box

When the weather outside is raining cats and dogs and everyone is suddenly stuck indoors, it’s hard to know what to do to keep everyone happy. The rainy day box is a great way of storing crafty pieces and keeping the children occupied at the same time. It all starts with a large box, it

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Family tree family

Make a family tree

Every child loves a good story, so completing your family tree is a perfect way to engage them in a fun activity. Kids love stories from a very young age, as soon as they are old enough to crawl they head straight for the bookshelf. I can’t think of a better story to tell than

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