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How to make Pompoms

Pompoms can be time consuming, based on the size of the ball you wish to make. Of course this is a good thing, you can keep your little ones busy for many hours! On a rainy day this is a brilliant activity to do. The average ball we made took roughly 4 hours to complete,

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Easter eggs

Easter Egg Alternatives

Ask any child what Easter means to them, and chances are their eyes will light up, they will lick their lips, and then say ‘LOTS of chocolate eggs.’ For most kids, the real meaning of Easter has been buried beneath a mound of foil-coated, high calorie Easter eggs, pretty much guaranteed to rot teeth and

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shabby chic

Why do we love shabby chic

Why do we love Shabby Chic? Shabby Chic is of course a form of interior design, and believe it or not it first became popular in the US back in the 1980’s after being featured in The World of Interiors magazine. Influences back then were the cultures of Tuscany, Greece and Provence. The style originally

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