Bargain shopping

Boost your self esteem

As wonderful as being a parent is, the demands of a busy life soon catch up with us both physically and mentally. If babies have taken their toll on your body and your skin has lost its youthful glow after years of worry and sleep deprivation, it could be that your self esteem is starting

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Are you a hoarder

It’s almost impossible to turn on the TV without seeing some programme about people who cram their homes full of junk, piled floor to ceiling. Most parents probably have a significant level of clutter to deal with, especially when Christmas has just been and gone. If you’re anything like me the chances are you will

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Furnish your home for free

Furnishing a home can take a lot of money, but what do you do with your new home if you have small budget and don’t fancy sleeping on the floor for a couple of months? Well, here’s how you could furnish your entire home – from beds to cutlery and from lamps to a bathroom

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Cash for old clothes

How Does It Work? How often have you cleaned out your wardrobe, making room for new pieces or during spring-cleaning? Many of us will simply throw old clothes away, or give them away to friends or charity. You can of course sell the unwanted pieces on EBay or other online shopping and trading sites, but

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Top ten tips for bagging a bargain online

We all like to think we’re getting the best deal when we’re shopping online, so here’s our list of the top ten tips for bagging a bargain online. Use discount vouchers These are a great way of getting what you want for less. Dedicated sites, such as and, update their listings daily so

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Starting the New Year off on the right foot

As a New Year approaches it sparks a period of reflection in many people. The desire to use the transition from one year to the next as a focal point for change in our lives is strong, and can prompt a flurry of New Year’s Resolutions. Despite our best intentions, resolutions have a tendency to

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