Bargain shopping

Cant afford Christmas presents

This time of year is a particularly stressful time for those who want to treat their friends, family and loved ones to thoughtful Christmas presents, but bringing a smile to the faces of your nearest and dearest may be simpler than you think. Change the way you view Christmas Yes, the majority of people buy

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DIY gift wrapping

The giving of gifts is easily one of the best aspects of Christmas, and what could be more festive than spending an evening in front of the Christmas tree lovingly wrapping those gifts? If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make your presents that extra bit special then why not have a go at giving

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healthy hair in winter

Looking after your hair in winter

Keeping your hair looking great in winter Extremes of temperature from the freezing outdoors to a centrally heated home or office means winter can be harsh on our hair.  But that doesn’t mean we all have to go around looking like Worzel Gummidge between November and February.  Follow these tips and tricks for looking after

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Things to do over Christmas

The run-up to Christmas is usually a mad rush of gift and food buying, meal preparations, present-wrapping and parties. The excitement mounts and there is always a long list of things to do. As Christmas Eve draws to a close we relax a little, and drift our way into Christmas Day when everything rolls smoothly.

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how to save money at christmas

How to get ahead for Christmas

It’s that time of year. Decorations start appearing, a whole ‘seasonal’ aisle springs up in your local supermarket and countless people, magazines and websites start telling you how many days to go until Christmas. And we’ve only just got over Bonfire Night! It might seem that the festive season starts earlier each year, and for

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Christmas gifts for under a fiver

Christmas is coming and though the goose may be getting fat, the wallet is shedding pounds!!  Our present lists seem to extend each year but do we really have to spend a lot on everyone? We frequently find ourselves under mounting pressure to buy gifts of a certain money value, we try to match the

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