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Christmas shopping on a budget

Tips on keeping Christmas spending to a minimum It gets to this time of the year and the realisation that Christmas is just round the corner starts to creep up on you. Shops are slowly introducing Christmas cards, chocolates etc… Thoughts turn to money and costs of all the Christmas present’s, food and drinks you

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how to save money at christmas

Christmas Stress: How to cope

Christmas stress can soon ruin what should be a joyful occasion. Instead of relaxing with family and friends, enjoying a fun filled day and eating a delicious Christmas dinner, you may find you are skint, stressed and praying for the whole event to be over. Gone is the notion of ‘peace on earth and good

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are you addicted to ebay

Are you addicted to ebay

The online auction and shopping site eBay has mushroomed from a dot-com start-up in 1995 to become a multi-million dollar global business today.  The success of the site lies partly in the ease with which sellers and consumers can effect private transactions.  Some would say the site makes it too easy, and there are numerous

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does retail therapy make you happy

Does retail therapy make you happy

The concept of hitting the high street as a pick-me-up is nothing new.  For those who enjoy shopping, just the thought of a few happy hours flexing the credit card and returning home with colourful bags stuffed with new acquisitions is enough to raise a smile, and get the heart beating a little faster with

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Caravan site

Guide to Buying a Caravan

Caravanning is a popular leisure pursuit that offers freedom of the open road with a few home comforts thrown in for good measure. There are estimated to be in excess of half a million touring caravans in the UK alone. If you are new to the concept and keen to find out what all the

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how to shop online safely

Biggest UK Online Retailers

The UK are big shoppers, we know what we like and we know which online retailers we can trust. Who are the biggest UK online retailers? Tesco Being one of the earliest retailers Tesco has the experience to move forward in a business that is growing by 20% annually, still holding 31.1% of the market

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