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expensive designer prams

Why are we spending so much on designer Prams?

Every parent wants the best for their baby, it’s only natural, but when does the best stop being about practicality and comfort, and start being about look, brand and price tag? Are we bring sold out by the designer buggy brigade that dominate the A-list press? Why we want one so much Celebrity culture exists

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What is a Travel System Buggy?

Travel System Buggies are a relatively new addition to the baby transport equipment market. A clever innovation, they incorporate several essential bits of equipment into one piece of kit. A travel system is basically a buggy that is compatible, and sold together, with a rear-facing car seat, and usually a carry cot too. The buggy

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Choosing a buggy

Standard Buggy vs All Terrain Buggy

Choosing your buggy is a big decision. Little people take time to grow and it will be a while before your baby bundle will be ready to walk any distance. Until then you will be chauffeuring them around, and your experience behind the wheels can be significantly affected by your choice of buggy. Coming in

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hiking with kids

How do you choose a pram?

Your pram will be the vehicle in which you transport your precious bundle of newborn baby around outside, so choosing one that is right for you is crucial. The choice can be confusing, but never fear – our simple and comprehensive guide will steer you through … 1: Traditional Prams Also known as “Coach Built

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Young couple shopping at supermarket

Top five shopping loyalty cards

Shopping loyalty schemes are increasingly big business, we generally all seem to have them filling up our purses or wallets these days. Take a look at the top five shopping loyalty cards listed below and work out which one is the best for you and your family- also don’t forget to trade in or claim

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Faamily shopping at supermarket

Supermarket food shopping on a budget

Your big weekly supermarket bill can be hard to stomach at times, but there are many ways to lessen the load: For starters, ditch the idea of shopping at high-end supermarkets: Whilst the produce is noticeably better, it won’t generally taste twice as good, despite being twice the price. There are a number of big

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