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date night

Date night ideas

Great Date Night Ideas for couples Date nights are a great way of keeping the romance alive between couples, even if you’ve been together for years. It can be hard to make time for one another when you lead busy lives, especially when children come along. They don’t have to cost a lot of money,

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dad and daughter activities

Dad and daughter activities

When it comes to daughter you may think you’ve got it covered by buying her pretty things and generally fending off boys, but actively engaging in fun activities with your little princess will strengthen the bond and make your time together far more exciting. So, if you can squirrel away a little time between texts

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time off

Make the most of time off

Don’t waste your precious time off ‘Time is precious and there’s precious little of it,’ as the saying goes, and yet it seems to speed up even further at the weekends or on days off.Just when we want to make the most of family and leisure time is when time flies the most. Yet there

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Cheap school holiday fun

Tips for taking kids to the cinema

It is one of those warm and fuzzy moments, when you imagine a perfect family outing to the cinema, huddled-up in a row, eyes wide in front of the latest kiddie-blockbuster, eating popcorn and sweets, and sipping fizzy drinks … and then you actually get there and realise that nothing is that simple. Drinks are

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Are Celebrities Good Role Models?

A role model is someone who is looked up to by others, and regarded as a person to be imitated. A celebrity is a person with a highly visible public profile that many people find fascinating. Strikingly similar definitions, but whether these two concepts make happy bedfellows is open to debate! Parental Role Models For

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extreme couponing

What’s all the fuss with voucher codes?

Vouchers codes and coupons have been around since 1888, when Coca Cola boss Asa Candler devised them as a way of raising awareness of what was then a relatively unprofitable tonic beverage product. Coupons were mailed to potential customers and printed in magazines and newspapers, and retailers were given free syrup to cover the cost

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