• Practical online safety

    Practical online safety

    Practical online safety that’s simple to understand and implement is hard to come by, it all seems to be tricky techy twaddle. On the subject of online safety The Metropolitan Police state, ‘the potential for the Internet to be a valuable and fun resource for entertainment, making friends and learning is huge. But if you

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    Ten reasons why writing is good for you

    I write for a living, and I love my job. I know I’m lucky. I find that I use writing all the time in my day-to-day life, even when I’m not working, and I’ve come to realise that whatever the subject, writing makes me feel good. But I never really stopped to think about why

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    time saving tips

    The best time saving tips from YOU!

    As busy working parents, if you can find ways to save a few minutes here and there to make life easier, you will! So we thought we’d ask the experts, all you parents, what your time saving tips were and we had an amazing response, picking up some great idea’s ourselves! If you missed the recent

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    teachers should not be friends with students on Facebook

    Myths that surround facebook

    I often wonder how we ever managed without Facebook, it’s almost like we can’t remember a life without it. Whilst we all seem a little addicted to dabbling in and out of other people’s lives and are happy to click on to the site on a regular basis, we are often taunted by the myths

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    How to change your lifestyle

    Albert Einstein said that the meaning of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  When we think of habits it’s often in the negative sense, Forming habits is as natural as breathing and walking, and the great news is, in the same way that bad habits impact your

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