A mans guide to dressing for a wedding

Weddings they are all about the girls aren’t they? What will the bride be wearing? What will the mother of the bride be wearing? Will the mother of the groom attempt to steal anyone’s thunder? This is how many of us girls think regarding a pending wedding but what do the men think? Do they

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Travel gadgets

If you’re going on a business trip, short break with the family or even just a weekend away with some friends, you’ll be sure to want to take a few of these amazing little travel gadgets with you. Iron it Where would we be without a way to make sure we look our best? From

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Date nights

Once the kids come along – as fabulous as they are – it’s easy to forget to make time for yourselves as a couple. If ‘quality time’ has become pizza and the soaps, it may be worth injecting some fun back into the relationship. And even if you haven’t forgotten to make time for each

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Would you create a bucket list

The 2007 film “The Bucket List” sparked great interest in the concept. The idea of creating a wish-list of things to do before you die (“kick the bucket”) is a curious one, and opinions tend to be divided on the subject. For some, it brings thoughts of death a little too close for comfort. For

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Teen piercings

Do you let your child have them? For many teens body piercing is a fun and appealing means of self-expression.  But as a parent, you may have some concerns about your beautiful child having a chunk of metal poked through her lip.  If your teenager comes to you asking to get a piercing then there

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budget supermarkets

Shopping with kids

We all know the well honed phrase, ‘Never work with animals and children’. For my friend Dave, the more familiar line is ‘NEVER go shopping with kids!’ Apparently he just can’t cope with stress, whereas wife Ange, he says, is a ‘dab hand’! So what does Ange achieve that Dave just can’t fathom? How does

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