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Mad about hair? Check out these crazy hair raising offers!

Our hair is our growing glory and the one accessory we wear everyday, so make sure you treat it well! If you’re looking for gift idea’s for Christmas or just wanting to pick up a bargain for yourself, check out these offers with extra money off voucher codes! Ghd Sapphire Styler Set now only £115

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Airbrushing-are we distorting the view our kids have on beauty

Airbrushing has become commonplace in the advertising and beauty industry.  As technology continues to improve, the ease with which blemishes and wrinkles can be smoothed away is scary.  What is more frightening, however, is the impact this apparently innocent practice has on young people viewing these images. So airbrushing-are we distorting the view our kids

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Make-Up Swapping

In these economically challenging times any innovation that helps us to save cash and enjoy ourselves at the same time has to be good thing. Recycling is not a new concept, but penny-conscious women are increasingly taking it into new realms, offering clothes, bags and even shoes up for swap, as a way of re-stocking

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Home Hair Colouring

Hard economic times call for creative budgeting, and expensive trips to the salon may be one of the items that has been relegated from your “essential” to your “wish” list of monthly expenses. A salon hair colour in the UK costs on average £35, and in London this can be much higher. The good news

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Cutting Your Hair After a Break-up – Why do we do it?

When the dust starts to settle on a break-up it can leave you feeling disconnected and lost.  So much of yourself if invested in a relationship that when it ends you may need to rediscover the core of you.  One of the ways that many women do this is by getting a new haircut.  Relationship

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Choosing the Right Make-up For Your Hair Colour

Making a dramatic change to your hair colour can feel energising and invigorating, but it is important not to forget to adjust your make-up to match your new shade.  Certain colours complement each other, and what works for blonde locks will not give the same effect on a brunette.  Revamping your make-up bag to accommodate

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