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time for the gym

Winter hobbies

Long dark evenings and cold wet days snuggled in front of the fire may be cosy at first, but the novelty soon wears off and it’s often not long before boredom sets in. You’ll be yearning for the pub garden in no time. But before you resign yourself to five months under the duvet, winter

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time off

Make the most of time off

Don’t waste your precious time off ‘Time is precious and there’s precious little of it,’ as the saying goes, and yet it seems to speed up even further at the weekends or on days off.Just when we want to make the most of family and leisure time is when time flies the most. Yet there

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are you addicted to ebay

Are you addicted to ebay

The online auction and shopping site eBay has mushroomed from a dot-com start-up in 1995 to become a multi-million dollar global business today.  The success of the site lies partly in the ease with which sellers and consumers can effect private transactions.  Some would say the site makes it too easy, and there are numerous

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recycling couple environmentally friendly

How to be more environmentally friendly as a family

Environmental awareness will be taught to your children at various stages of their schooling and it’s something that they may become interested in getting involved with. It is also something that everyone can play a part in, no matter how small and because it is about future generations the role of the family is important.

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woman doing chores cleaning

More Cleaning Tips!

Just when you thought it was all done and dusted … the cleaning saga never really ends, so here are some more top cleaning tips to help you continue to save time and money on those pesky household chores! Time Saving Cleaning Tips … 1. Be organised – having cleaning products to hand is one

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Why is the Aga an aspirational item?

Let’s face it, most of us want one or at least like the idea of having one. But why are agas an aspirational item The Aga isn’t just a cooker, it’s the heart of a home and where you’ll find lucky cats and dogs keeping warm in their posh beds all over the country. Tea

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