Housekeeping and cleaning tips

Faamily shopping at supermarket

Supermarket food shopping on a budget

Your big weekly supermarket bill can be hard to stomach at times, but there are many ways to lessen the load: For starters, ditch the idea of shopping at high-end supermarkets: Whilst the produce is noticeably better, it won’t generally taste twice as good, despite being twice the price. There are a number of big

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Stop Junk Mail!

Not only is junk mail costing our trees and the environment, but getting piles of junk mail through your door every morning is down right irritating. If you are one of the many who tend to quickly sift through the bills, pizza delivery leaflets and local magazines in the hope there will be an unexpected

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recycling couple environmentally friendly

How to be more environmentally friendly as a family

Environmental awareness will be taught to your children at various stages of their schooling and it’s something that they may become interested in getting involved with. It is also something that everyone can play a part in, no matter how small and because it is about future generations the role of the family is important.

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June watering garden

June Gardening Tips

June should see the arrival of the warmer weather, although we are happy to see the arrival of the sun it brings more weeds too, make sure you keep on top of them so you don’t have a huge overwhelming task on your hands. June gardening is much nicer than earlier on, the sun should

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dandelion weeding in May

May Gardening Tips

We’re in May now, but when thinking about gardening remember…. Beware of late frosts, keep an eye of how low the temperature is falling during the night even though we usually are not likely to have a frost in May, anything is possible! Be sure to keep vulnerable plants and new shoots protected at night

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woman doing chores cleaning

More Cleaning Tips!

Just when you thought it was all done and dusted … the cleaning saga never really ends, so here are some more top cleaning tips to help you continue to save time and money on those pesky household chores! Time Saving Cleaning Tips … 1. Be organised – having cleaning products to hand is one

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