• travelling with children

    Travelling with children

    A wing and a prayer? It may seem that many of the things you love go out of the window when a new baby arrives: Nights out, eating with both hands and a good night’s sleep are just three that spring immediately to mind. However, even the busiest family needs a break once in a

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    Hiring an au pair

    On the road with them

    A GUIDE TO CHOOSING A FAMILY FRIENDLY CAR Okay, the days of driving around in a two-seater convertible with the wind in your hair are over. You never got around to building a Kit Car and with a family to think of there is no chance of that American classic now.The kids are in the

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    getting kids to school on time

    Making car trips fun

    Long-distance learning: making the most of those boring car trips Oh no . . . it’s going to be one of those trips. The kids have taken an extra hour to get ready, the Friday traffic’s getting worse by the minute, Granny’ll be tapping her foot and burning the gravy and they’re pouting about missing their

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