Planets astronomy

Astronomy for Kids

There is something very special about star-gazing. Lying on your back observing the skies brings a frisson of excitement to children and adults alike. Simply being outside in the dark can be exciting for younger children. Taking up astronomy as a hobby can be a great way to share time with your children where you

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go karting


There will be many young children, girls and boys who watch the Formula 1 and have dreams of becoming the next Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton and go-karting is usually the closest they get to experiencing that speed and thrill of the race track. With indoor and outdoor go-karting venues catering from ages three to

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Teenage birthday party

Teenagers’ Birthday Party Ideas

It may seem like no time since all you needed for the perfect birthday party was a gathering of grandparents, aunties and uncles, a few balloons and a cake with a couple of candles. But now your little baby is growing up and that no longer cuts the mustard. No matter how they might protest

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Children’s Fancy Dress

How to get make sure your kids win at fancy dress Sooner or later the dreaded day comes. Your child comes home clutching a letter – there’s a children’s fancy dress contest, and of course, your little one is desperate to enter. Now, no one is suggesting that you are the sadly competitive type, but

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Children's birthday party ideas

Children’s birthday party ideas

Thinking of children’s birthday party ideas and executing a successful party can be a minefield.  Deciding where to have it, what it should involve and who to invite might sound like enough effort without the stress of actually seeing it through and spending the afternoon with 30 of your child’s friends and classmates.  However, with

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