Pet care and safety

How to keep your dog and cat cool in the summer

How to keep your dog and cat cool in summer

If a spot of summer sun has you clamouring for the shade, then spare a thought for your furry friends. Thick hairy coats that offer warmth and protection at other times of the year can easily lead to heat-exhaustion, and sensitive footpads can become blistered and sore from walking on hot ground. Here’s some tips

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Pet care and health

Keeping your pet clean and healthy

Having a pet to care for offers the ideal opportunity to teach your kids to treat animals with respect. Keeping your pet clean and healthy is big part of that responsibility. Whether your pet is traditional dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig, or something more exotic, its care routine should be a natural part of

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choosing the right pet for you

How to choose the right pet for you

Pets can make great additions to the family with children and adults alike getting loads of benefits from them. If you’re considering getting a pet you may be a bit unsure of which type of animal to opt for and how to go about choosing the perfect companion. You’ll be responsible for your new pet

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Do snakes make good pets

People often have strong opinions on keeping snakes as pets but personally, I think as long as the adults in the home are confident they can commit to taking care of such a specialist animal then there’s no reason you can’t keep one as a family pet. Now you may think me biased once you

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Happy family having picnic

Planning the perfect picnic

Whether you’re seven or 70, picnics are fun. Getting outdoors to enjoy some fresh air, great company and tasty food – what’s not to like? Last minute picnics can be brilliant but if you’re planning on spending the day and making an event of it, you may wish to put a little extra preparation into

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C.A.R.I.A.D puppy farming

Help C.A.R.I.A.D stop puppy farming and be a voice for the voiceless

Wales – the homeland of Tom Jones, Anthony Hopkins, The Valleys, acres of picturesque countryside and stunning scenery. But this beautiful country also hides a more sinister secret, one that campaigners and animal lovers have been trying to highlight – Wales is also, sadly, known as the puppy farming capital of the UK. Never heard

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