Pet care and safety

Pet insurance is it value for money

With many pets joining households every year, it’s a good time to think of just how much that adorable little fluffball is going to cost you in the long run.  Once you have their routine vaccinations/neutering out of the way (and that’s £100-odd right there!) you need to consider what you’d do if they got

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Should we get a cat

The Pet Discussion is almost like a rite of passage for parents.  At some point your little angels will almost certainly be taken by a burning desire to nurture an animal.  From this point on you will be nagged into oblivion until you cave in with a “Yes”.  The pet that you choose will define

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pet jealousy

Do pets get jealous

If your pet has ever reacted strangely when you’ve brought a new friend, partner, baby or pet into the home then it’s likely he could have a touch of the old green-eyed monster.  Just like humans, animals can feel jealous of other animals as well as people who might take over their territory or their

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time for the gym

Winter hobbies

Long dark evenings and cold wet days snuggled in front of the fire may be cosy at first, but the novelty soon wears off and it’s often not long before boredom sets in. You’ll be yearning for the pub garden in no time. But before you resign yourself to five months under the duvet, winter

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trick or treat

The history of Trick or Treat

We all know what Trick or Treating is, it’s where we dress our children up in costumes and parade them round the streets knocking on peoples doors asking for sweets. When I was a kid we would ask for sweets and if they didn’t give us any we would egg the house, until later on

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bonfire safety

Bonfire night safety

Bonfire and Firework Safety We’ve all cringed at a 2 year old holding a sparkler with a bare hand at the local fare and I’m convinced that anything combustible should come with a mandatory IQ test prior to purchase. That said, if you follow some simple rules for bonfire night safety then it’s easy to

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