Present ideas girls

DIY gift wrapping

The giving of gifts is easily one of the best aspects of Christmas, and what could be more festive than spending an evening in front of the Christmas tree lovingly wrapping those gifts? If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make your presents that extra bit special then why not have a go at giving

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how to save money at christmas

How to get ahead for Christmas

It’s that time of year. Decorations start appearing, a whole ‘seasonal’ aisle springs up in your local supermarket and countless people, magazines and websites start telling you how many days to go until Christmas. And we’ve only just got over Bonfire Night! It might seem that the festive season starts earlier each year, and for

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Christmas gifts for under a fiver

Christmas is coming and though the goose may be getting fat, the wallet is shedding pounds!!  Our present lists seem to extend each year but do we really have to spend a lot on everyone? We frequently find ourselves under mounting pressure to buy gifts of a certain money value, we try to match the

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top five christmas

Top five Christmas gifts for kids 2013

No sooner have we packed away the barbeques, summer dresses and flip flops when Christmas is upon on. The kids are scouring catalogues and the internet, making up lists as long as your arm for what they want Santa to bring, while we’re contemplating what size turkey will feed the family and how to pay

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best mobile phones

Orange pay as you go

A deal for everyone With Christmas fast approaching, you can bet that mobile phones and smart phones will be at the top of many kids’ Christmas lists. Whether you’re looking to buy a new phone as a gift or are looking at alternatives to standard contract phones, there are some great Orange Pay As You

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diy christmas

Try your hand at DIY Christmas

Homemade, DIY and grow-your-own have been all the rage on our TV screens this year, so it can’t be long before someone (ludicrously creative; probably a bit posh) pops up to tell us how to make Christmas from scratch. And while we’re not all Kirstie Allsopp or Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (relax, we’re not proposing you rear

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