money saving tips

Ebay money saving tips – bag a bargain!

If you’ve ever tried selling something on eBay you’ll know that there’s quite alot to it; they didn’t come up with the eBay University for nothing, but as a buyer rather than a seller you can get some incredible deals without having to go through the rigmarole of learning how to present your wares in

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beautiful long blonde

Choosing the Right Make-up For Your Hair Colour

Making a dramatic change to your hair colour can feel energising and invigorating, but it is important not to forget to adjust your make-up to match your new shade.  Certain colours complement each other, and what works for blonde locks will not give the same effect on a brunette.  Revamping your make-up bag to accommodate

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Teenage daughters

When should girls start to wear make up

When should girls start to wear make up? For generations parents have looked on in dismay – and no doubt some amusement – as their daughter comes downstairs wearing make up for the first time. We’re not talking about the three-year-old dressing up like Mummy, but rather the older girl who wants to start wearing

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dressing for an interview

Quick beauty tips

Quick Beauty tips Two minute face fix Are you always in a hurry especially in the mornings? Are you always looking for quick beauty tips to speed you along into the day without all the effort? Well here are a few handy tips that will help you get going in the mornings with minimum effort.

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time saving treatments

Time saving treatments

Get the perfect brows,tan and body wrap with time to spare! I have to admit I like my beauty treatments, I don’t always need them and I certainly can’t always justify spending the money on them but the way I look at it, you work hard so why shouldn’t you enjoy the occasional treat?How can

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look good on a budget

How to look good on a budget

How to look good on a budget Since my two kids arrived, looking gorgeous on a budget has become a priority. Most of my cash goes on school trips and Nintendo games, meaning I’ve had to ditch my beloved Clinique make-up, Calvin Klein jeans and fancy haircuts. So, what can the parent on a shoestring

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