Planning a road trip with children

Travelling with children can feel like you are attempting to mobilize an army, but don’t despair: it is possible! These simple ideas could mean the difference between a smooth ride and the road trip from hell: Choose your destination carefully A sunny holiday might sound like a good idea, but it might not seem so

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Choosing a family car

Before you had kids your choice of car would probably come down to style, comfort, affordability and perhaps even colour. But now you have one or more little darlings to ferry around, any dreams of zooming about in a two-seater sports car will have to take a back seat. Now you’ll be more concerned about

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How to pass your driving test

Learning to drive is perhaps one of the most important skills you’ll be taught as an adult. And when you’re a fully-fledged grown up the thought of sitting an exam, particularly a practical one, can be pretty nerve wracking.  If you’re one of the many people currently taking driving lessons read on for our tips

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Staying safe during the dark Winter nights

Although we’re now on the good side of the shortest day of the year, darker nights are here to stay for a while yet, so it’s a good time to make sure you and your home is secure. Here are some simple tips to protect your home and family for staying safe during the dark Winter

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Helping young drivers be safe

There are many ways of  helping young drivers be safe and feel secure on the roads. Studies have shown that learner drivers who combine tuition from an Approved Driving Instructor with extra help from a friends and family are significantly safer on the roads than those who rely on professional tuition alone. How you can

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National carshare scheme

The National CarShare scheme is a superb tool enabling people who are travelling to the same destination to get contact one another via the internet (initially) and arrange to travel together rather than using more than one car. This fantastic idea has no doubt existed within communities in the guise of carpools, with neighbours and

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