learn from mistakes

Learning from mistakes

We all do it! Whenever I made a mistake – from the smallest driving boob to burning down my  kitchen during a lobster flambéing accident, I used to beat myself up about it  until I was black and blue in the mind. None of us like making mistakes, but they are an inevitable part of

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Caravan site

Guide to Buying a Caravan

Caravanning is a popular leisure pursuit that offers freedom of the open road with a few home comforts thrown in for good measure. There are estimated to be in excess of half a million touring caravans in the UK alone. If you are new to the concept and keen to find out what all the

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What is a Travel System Buggy?

Travel System Buggies are a relatively new addition to the baby transport equipment market. A clever innovation, they incorporate several essential bits of equipment into one piece of kit. A travel system is basically a buggy that is compatible, and sold together, with a rear-facing car seat, and usually a carry cot too. The buggy

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car seat safety for children

Child car seat safety

We all want to keep our children safe and when travelling by car, that means using an appropriate car seat. The law is very strict on child car seat safety and it is reassuring to know that your child is protected as much as possible. By doing your research and keeping an eye on your

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Boy in a booster seat

What is the Law on Child Car Seats?

The law on child car seats is very specific, and designed to offer your child the maximum possible protection. In essence the law considers that children fall into two categories, and particular conditions apply in each case: What is the law on child car seats? Children Under the Age of 3 If travelling in any

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Woman buying a car

Choosing a family car: what to consider

Admit it: The days of driving around in a two-seater convertible with the wind in your hair are over. You never got around to building a kit car, and with a family to think of there’s no chance of that American classic now. So what car should you buy? What can you drive that looks

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