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Happy family having picnic

Planning the perfect picnic

Whether you’re seven or 70, picnics are fun. Getting outdoors to enjoy some fresh air, great company and tasty food – what’s not to like? Last minute picnics can be brilliant but if you’re planning on spending the day and making an event of it, you may wish to put a little extra preparation into

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Planning a road trip with children

Travelling with children can feel like you are attempting to mobilize an army, but don’t despair: it is possible! These simple ideas could mean the difference between a smooth ride and the road trip from hell: Choose your destination carefully A sunny holiday might sound like a good idea, but it might not seem so

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Planning a holiday with a large family

All holidays need a degree of planning if they are to run smoothly, but when your vacation party is super-sized, dusting off those project management skills is a must. It’s common sense really – the more people you have to accommodate, the more complicated life becomes. Follow these tips on planning a holiday with a

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Date nights

Once the kids come along – as fabulous as they are – it’s easy to forget to make time for yourselves as a couple. If ‘quality time’ has become pizza and the soaps, it may be worth injecting some fun back into the relationship. And even if you haven’t forgotten to make time for each

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Would you create a bucket list

The 2007 film “The Bucket List” sparked great interest in the concept. The idea of creating a wish-list of things to do before you die (“kick the bucket”) is a curious one, and opinions tend to be divided on the subject. For some, it brings thoughts of death a little too close for comfort. For

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Starting the New Year off on the right foot

As a New Year approaches it sparks a period of reflection in many people. The desire to use the transition from one year to the next as a focal point for change in our lives is strong, and can prompt a flurry of New Year’s Resolutions. Despite our best intentions, resolutions have a tendency to

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