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Two Sisters playing games

Games to play on a rainy day

Part of the fun of being a parent is introducing your kids to the games you used to enjoy as a child. Next time your children complain of being bored on a miserable weekend try teaching them some of these games. Hide & Seek The beauty of this one is that it can be played

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games consoles

Games Consoles

Are consoles still a cop-out? Not any more… Whilst games consoles may seem like a great way to rot your kids’ brains, in reality, giving their spatial awareness skills a good workout once in a while won’t do them any harm. It’s more constructive than leaving them in front of an Aussie soap for hours

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Slow broadband speed

Slow broadband – what can you do to make it faster?

Is your broadband as slow as a snail? Fed up with being told you have to move to improve your broadband? Simply follow this guide to improve your broadband speed. Fiddlesticks Sometimes your wireless router may have signal issues which could be slowing your broadband down, having a fiddle around with it could improve the

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extreme couponing

What’s all the fuss with voucher codes?

Vouchers codes and coupons have been around since 1888, when Coca Cola boss Asa Candler devised them as a way of raising awareness of what was then a relatively unprofitable tonic beverage product. Coupons were mailed to potential customers and printed in magazines and newspapers, and retailers were given free syrup to cover the cost

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Barbie dollhouse furniture

A History of Barbie

Barbara Millicent Roberts, better known by her stage name Barbie, was born on 9th March 1959 to proud mother and fellow adult-themed play-thing ,’Bild Lilli’ from Germany. She was brought lovingly into the world by the wife of Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler, Ruth Handler. I admit she looks good for her age but as an

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gifts that keep on giving

Gifts that keep on giving

Gifts that keep on giving I have never been able to live it down; it was my ninth birthday and I was expecting big things. Not just a huge party with miles of streamers and a cake so vast it had to be delivered on a flatbed truck; I wanted presents, and lots of them.

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