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cheap hobbies for you to try

Cheap hobbies for you to try

Bringing up children is hard work but as they get older you’ll probably find you have a bit more me time again. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll know what to do with it! You may not have the time, money or inclination to revert back to the hobbies you had before your first baby was

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Happy family having picnic

Planning the perfect picnic

Whether you’re seven or 70, picnics are fun. Getting outdoors to enjoy some fresh air, great company and tasty food – what’s not to like? Last minute picnics can be brilliant but if you’re planning on spending the day and making an event of it, you may wish to put a little extra preparation into

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Classic outdoor family games

It’s very easy to spend a lot of time indoors with your children. Letting them play with toys or gadgets while you work, tidy or see what the rest of the world is doing via your smart phone. As a kid growing up in Australia I spent a lot of time playing outside. We rode

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Fun activities for teenage girls

Teenage girls love spending time with their friends, but if their favourite hang-out activities are wearing thin, try suggesting these ideas as alternatives. You may even earn some parent-kudos points. But then again maybe not – these are teens we’re talking about! Just be content that you’ve helped to make your girl and her friends

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21st Century youth technology

Technology is an ever growing field and we now have a generation of young people that have never known the world without the internet and all that it brings. As with other things, 21st Century youth technology has its own speak and overhearing your kids talk about what they are into, can feel like being

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