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Airline Credit Cards

Airline credit cards

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If you’re looking for a new credit card and want to build up points towards free flights, airline credit cards can be appealing. What type of customers are these best suited to and how do you build up points quickly?

What are airline credit cards?

These credit cards are branded by the major airlines and operate in a similar way to their frequent flyer programmes. However, unlike the later where you’re rewarded for flying, with these you build up points simply by spending on the card. They can be used in the same way as any other credit card to purchase day to day items, including food and petrol. For every £1 that you spend on the card, you’ll receive a specific number of points or miles to put towards a destination of your choice. They can be used in addition to a frequent flyer scheme or a supermarket points programme, allowing you to build up points quicker.

Who are airline credit cards best suited to?Airline credit cards

These credit cards are best for people who fly regularly anyway, as this will provide you with more opportunities to collect points. By having a credit card alongside your frequent flyer card you’ll have enough points for a free flight sooner.

The more you spend on them, the quicker you’ll accumulate the points. Therefore, they’re generally more suited for those with higher incomes who can use the card for all their monthly spending. If the balance is paid in full each month, then no interest will accumulate, as this can outweigh the benefits of the points.

When you sign-up to a credit card, some of them will offer you bonus miles when you receive the card or for a set amount of spending. There’s also the possibility to buy extra miles if you’ve not quite got enough. Some providers have sale periods where you can pick up certain flights for fewer points. These are worth looking out for, as they provide better value.

What to look out for

When you’re redeeming your points, the flights will be free but you’ll still have to pay any taxes or additional charges. This means that using them to purchase long-haul or business class flights could be more beneficial, as the taxes will take away some of the gains of a short-haul ticket. However, this option will use more of your points and mean you’ll receive less free flights altogether.

When you’re researching the best deals available, you should be comparing how much you need to spend to get a free flight. These amounts will vary considerably between lenders, so it’s worth considering the total spend on the card to achieve a specific flight.

Often the cards with the best deals and points come with an American Express function, which is not accepted in as many places as Visa or Mastercard. If you shop in specific outlets on a regular basis, it’s worth looking into whether or not you can use it there.Airline credit cards

What to avoid

It’s best to avoid transferring balances to airline credit cards or using them to withdraw money. Both these options can leave you with large interest payments, which could cost more than the ‘free’ flights.

As with all good credit card deals, there are more options open to customers with the best credit scores. Some of the cards will have minimum income levels, while others charge an annual fee. It’s worth looking at all the options and assessing these against the likely spend levels to determine which is the best deal for you.



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