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Avoid the Directory Enquiries rip off

avoid the directory enquiries rip off

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Have you ever called directory enquiries? There’s no getting away from the advertisements on TV for companies like 118 118. Promising to help you find any number you could possibly need, they can seem like a life saver in emergency situations. They’re also pretty useful when you simply forget somebody’s number. However, what they don’t advertise very well is the cost.

The true cost of directory enquiries

Directory enquiries are one of the biggest rip-offs you will ever face. Firstly you have a flat fee to pay which is basically there to connect the call. This fee will differ between companies.

The Number UK charges a 79p flat fee, whereas BT charge 59p. As well as this flat fee, you’ve then got the charge per minute. While on the surface, BT looks the better option out of the two mentioned companies, it charges £2.39 a minute or even part minute. Whereas, The Number UK charges £1.79 a minute, so it could actually be the cheapest option.avoid the directory enquiries rip off; woman holding phone looking shocked at computer screen

However, what’s even better is eliminating these charges altogether, which you can do that by finding a free alternative.

Using hidden free numbers

Another thing popular directory enquiry companies don’t tell you is the fact there’s an alternative free or low cost number you can call. For example, 118 118 have a ‘one call no connection’ number which is 118 811. Instead of being charged £2.58 per minute, you’ll simply be charged 50p.

If you want actual free directory enquiries then 0800 118 3733 is a good number to call. While you have to listen to an advert first, you can ask for a few different numbers if you need to. It’s advisable to register yourself at 118.com to be added to the database before you ring. It may work without you having to do this, but it’s recommended you do it anyway just in case.

Try to avoid any company that charges by the minute. This gives you an indication that the calls could last for any amount of time and you could end up owing a fortune. With a flat fee you know exactly what you’re paying and there will be no nasty surprises.

Calling from mobiles

Believe it or not there is actually a way you can call from your mobile without breaking the bank. All you have to do is visit the 0800Buster website and sign up. It’s free to sign up and you will be given a local rate telephone number that you can call. When you call that number you can then dial any 0800 number absolutely free. You have to do it while you’re connected to the local number.

The cost of directory enquiries can be extortionate, so don’t forget you can often find the numbers you need free online. There are ways around spending a fortune trying to get the numbers you need – most people just aren’t aware of them. If you absolutely must phone directory enquiries, make sure you avoiding using your mobile.



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