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The best energy saving tips from YOU!

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We had a record number of you enter our ‘Best Energy Saving Tips’ competition last week and you gave us some really great ideas to cut down on the energy we waste, as well as our bills! Here’s some of the best from you…

Radiator Revelations!

Put tin foil or reflective foil behind radiators – this reflects the heat back into the room keeping it warmer for longer.~ Stacy Fenemore, Bella Smyth, Gillian Burden, Tracy K Nixon

Turn off radiators in rooms you don’t use and turn the rest down by a couple of degrees ~ Gwyn Sharps, Julie Kenny

Make sure wet washing goes on radiators or airers if the heating’s on – saves energy using the tumble dryer ~ Leanne M Rowlands, Abigail Edkins, Michaela Atkins, Sharon L Johnson

Keep radiators clear. For example, do not put a large sofa in front as it will absorb a lot of the heat ~ Stacy Sorrell

Fit radiators with thermostatic valves and adjust according to how often the rooms are used ~ Patricia Avery

Heating Up!

Keep active in the home! Rather than crank up the heating, switch off the TV and do some cleaning; dust, vacuum, sweep – you’ll have a tidy house, burned off some calories and soon be taking off the extra layers of jumpers too! ~ Dawn Gurney

Turn you heating down by just a degree or two ~ Kris Whitehead, Felicity Smith

Invest in a warm onesie! They really keep you cosy and means you can turn the heating down ~ Sharon Griffin

Wear a jumper and put a blanket over you rather than put the heating straight on ~ Sandy Port, Louise Kisby, Julie Jenkins-Jessup, Joanne Blunt

Only switch the heating on when you really need rather than regularly on a timer ~ Laura Thom, Stacey Tripconey

Get your gas boiler regularly services to help keep energy bills in check ~ Clare Duiker

Put on extra clothes and use draught excluders! ~ Rachel Ringwood, Cheryl Hadfield

Wear extra socks and put on a dressing gown! ~ Amanda Potter

Get a good duvet, then you need no heating in your house overnight ~ Ruth G Grover

Put a curtain up at the front door! ~ Clare B’bird Mse

Never let your home go completely cold – it costs more to heat up again ~ Gillian Holmes, Beverly Davies

Share a bed with your wee ones – you only need a hot water bottle then! ~ Helen Richard McCarthyenergy saving tips

Thermal vest, thermal gloves (my wife wears these in bed!) radiator reflectors and only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need ~ Anthony Harrington

Invest in thermal lined curtains! ~ Clair Dukes

Get Economy 7 and don’t use a tumble dryer in peak times ~ Dee Blythe

Close the doors of rooms not in use! ~ Sian Northey, Jenny Hammond Beattie

Use the free energy usage monitor that most energy companies provide, to keep an eye on your usage. You can monitor usage and soon notice if something is left on by mistake! ~ Vicky Lambert

Go to bed early – TV is off, heating is lowered – I call it ‘Half Hibernation!’ ~ Heather Playdon

Keep heating costs down with a log burner – heats the entire building ~ Mary Hull

Penny Pinching on Power

Switch off appliances at the sockets when not in use, don’t leave on stand-by, they use up energy even then! ~ Sharon M Moncrieff, Carol Rogers, Julie N Chris Easby, Amelia Grinyer, Linda Hobbis, Mary Chez, FiFi A Robertson, Lynsey A M Miller, Karen Cowley, Kiran Parry, Richard Hill, Claire Thomson Little, Mark Sorrell, Melanie King

Try to get A+ rated appliances, since we’ve got them I’ve noticed a difference ~ Lee Damien Tonks

Always turn off the lights when not in the room, never leave the TV on standby and use the eco wash on your washing machine whenever possible! ~ Zoe Stocks

Turn all lights off at night or when not in a room and open the curtains as soon as it’s light~ Georgina Catherine Ackroyd, Joanne Newbould, Debbie Campbell, Anita-Sarah Houghton, Mandy Smith, Chris Banks, Donna Foxall, Jacqueline Fawcett, Elaine Dale, Karen Richards

Train kids to turn off lights, TVs, games etc when they leave a room – you don’t have to re-create the Blackpool illuminations! ~Andy Collard, Kirsty Leanne Brown, Kim Lambert

Change light bulbs to LED bulbs. They’re expensive at first but makes a big difference to bills ~ Lisa Ladym, Joanne Tocher

Put timers on the lights and power sockets for the TV etc ~ Phil Burnage

Use candles and tealights in the evening ~ Sherri Mse Fordham, Emma Jones

Tumble dry at night – it’s cheaper! ~ Sarah Jones, Marion King

Food and Drink

Don’t overfill your kettle. Just fill enough for what you need instead of wasting energy boiling water you won’t use! ~ Gwen Carter, Judith H Gutowski, Alison Draughtrey-Drew, Sandra Jo Jo Siddall, Judi P Luscombe, Stacy Taylor, Sarah Copping

Use a slow cooker for meals rather than turning the oven on ~ Vivienne Wilkes, Elizabeth Adams

Defrost food beforehand rather than cook from frozen. Cut meat into smaller pieces before cooking and only cook what you need ~ Katie Harrisenergy saving tips

Drink water instead of coffee – saves energy boiling the kettle and is healthier for you! ~Susan Jane Gray

Take it in turns to go to a friend or reletives for dinner and share the cost of everything ~ Kerry Original Brown

When cooking veg on an electric hob, once you bring the pan to the boil, switch the hob off but leave the pan on it. The pan and hob retains enough heat to continue cooking without using more electric ~ Margaret Moe Dunlop

When making a hot drink, also fill a flask of hot water so you don’t have to re-boil the kettle ~ Elise Goodwin

Turn the oven off 10 minutes before your food is cooked, it will carry on cooking in the heat. The same applies to ironing too! ~ Catherine McAlinden

Water and Washing!

Share baths or use the shower instead and use less water! ~ Susan Jane Gray, Ruth G Grover

Fill your washing machine up as much as possible – that way you get more done instead of using more energy on smaller washes ~ Emma Lou George

Have showers instead of baths as you can have five showers for the cost of one bath. Or if you want a bath, share it with your other half – get the wine and candles and turn it into a romantic evening! ~ Tobys Proud Mummy Toys

Dry washing outside as much as possible, even if you only get an hour it will cut down on tumble drying time ~ Clare D Leahy

Put the washing machine on 30 degress ~ Sarah S Crick

Buy some cheap loft insulation and put behind your bath panel so the water stays warmer for longer – great if your kids share the water! ~ Royal snacks

When getting a new washing machine, consider getting one with a cold water outlet – it heats its own water, saving on heating! ~ Kirsty McDermott

When washing your hands use cold water because the hot water won’t have had time to heat up before you finish washing, yet will have still used energy to fire up ~ Tracy Wehrle Scutt

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