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Can I get solar panels fitted free

can i get solar panels fitted free

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It seems that everywhere you look, solar panels are popping up on the roofs of more and more homes. There is good reason for this. As well as being environmentally friendly, producing solar power can generate cash as well as electricity. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels work from daylight rather than sunlight so even householders relying on the Great British Weather to power solar panels will be able to make and use their own electricity. The question is can I get solar panels fitted free?

How can solar panels save me money?

The government operated a feed-in tariff for the energy produced by your solar panels, even if you use that energy in your own home. The payments you receive will depend on the rates offered when your panels are installed. After that your tariff will be fixed for 20 years. On top of this savings are also made through reduced energy bills. Savings made depend on the size of your system as well as other factors like when you use most electricity but The Energy Savings Trust estimates that the average household saves up to £125 a year.

Making the most of solar panels

can i get solar panels fitted freeAs solar panels work from light, it makes sense to use most electricity during daylight hours. Programme your washing machine or dishwasher to come on in the morning rather than using them in the evening and charge laptops and mobile phones before the sun goes down. If you’re using more electricity than you’re generating then the difference will be imported from the national grid and you’ll have to pay for it so it makes sense to stagger your appliances to come on at different times. If they are all running at the same time you may well be using more electricity that you’re creating. Any excess electricity that you don’t use will be transferred to the national grid for other people to make use of.

They must be expensive to install though?

Not necessarily. It’s true that the cost of buying and having solar panels installed is usually somewhere between £6,000 and £7,000. However, it is possible to have solar panels fitted for free and still make savings on your electricity bills. Some companies will provide and install solar panels at no cost to you. Maintenance and insurance are also provided. The catch is that rather than the feed-in tariff  – which on a typical system works out at around £16,000 over two decades – going into your pocket, it will be kept by the company. Bear in mind that you will still save around £125 per year in electricity costs.


Don’t get too excited though as there are only a few companies around that offer this service and homes have to meet strict criteria to be considered. Be aware that you will usually have to sign up for a lease lasting upwards of 20 years so it is a very long-term commitment. If you can’t afford to pay for solar panels yourself, are planning to live in the same house for years to come and fancy saving a bit extra cash through lower energy bills, then free solar panels are definitely worth looking into.



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