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Car insurance for women

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Car insurance for women was cheaper than men’s up until March 2011, this was because as much as some like to joke about ‘women driver’s’, it was accidents caused by men that accounted for the more expensive claims or car write offs, with men being responsible for 92% of all driving convictions in the UK and 98% of dangerous driving convictions. However, the European Court of Justice ruled that insurers were no longer allowed to take gender into account when calculating car insurance prices and as a result, women’s insurance premiums have increased by up to 30%!

Who pays a higher premium?

Even though gender can no longer be used as a basis for calculating premiums, other factors such as age, occupation and location are still taken into consideration. Statistically, drivers under 25 are more likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim and it’s not just for little bumps and prangs. Under 25s account for around 12% of drivers on the road yet are involved in over 25% of all fatal accidents. As a result, they are paying the higher insurance premiums and since gender is no longer a deciding factor, women under 25 are also paying the price even though male drivers are the higher risk.

car insurance for women

What car do you drive?

The type of car you drive will have a huge impact on your premiums so those with bigger engines tend to be more expensive, but the car’s make and specification will also affect cost. Insurers will look at how expensive a car will be to repair and so those made with more expensive manufacturers will cost more to insure, even if they aren’t as fast! Cars are placed into insurance groups based on their manufacturer, desirability and engine size. There are 50 insurance groups and generally speaking, if your car is in a higher group, you will pay more for your insurance.

As well as accidents, insurers will look at the likelihood of your car getting stolen and the cost of replacement. How desirable your car is to thieves, the area in which you live or where your car is kept will all be taken into consideration.  Cars fitted with insurance approved alarms or security devices such as immobilisers or trackers can reduce your premiums and if you have use of a secure locked garage or can park your car on the driveway instead of the road, it will all go towards reducing your insurance costs.


Compare pricing

The amount of time you spend on the road will impact cost with those who drive considerable distances per year paying more than those who cover minimal miles. But the best way of keeping your premiums low is by not making a claim and building up your no claims bonus. Just one years no claims can discount your premium by a third, with further years’ no claims knocking up to 70% off your costs. When your insurance is up for renewal every year, don’t just accept the renewal cost from your existing company, shop around for the best deal and compare prices. Companies which may have been the cheapest one year may be the most expensive the next and vice versa. With many price comparison sites out there, you won’t be making endless calls or filling in the same details over and over. It shouldn’t take long and can save you hundreds.

Although the days of cheaper insurance solely because you’re female are long gone, a bit of savvy price comparisons and sensible steps to keep your premiums low can still make car insurance much cheaper than you think.



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