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Choosing a home removal company


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Moving house is an incredibly stressful period, there are 101 things to remember to do and little time to do it in. One of the first things to think about is figuring out how you’re going to transport your belongings from one property to the next and which home removal company you will use.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving down the road or to another part of the UK, choosing the wrong property removal company can cause all sorts of unnecessary problems.

Although you likely want to keep costs down, if you hire unprofessional home removalists you run the risk of turning up to your new home with all your goods in bits. There’s also little point in attempting the job yourself, as it requires a lot of physical exertion. People tend underestimate just how much work is involved in removals – it’s about a lot more than just packing boxes.

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Moving large furniture or valuable goods is a job best left to those that know how to do it best, so finding an experienced home removal company is essential.

Compare quotes

The cost of hiring a home removal company can vary significantly. Some will charge a few hundred quid, but others will charge thousands of pounds for their service. In order to get the best value for money, you need to compare like-for-like quotes well in advance of your moving day.

Level of service

You might be willing to pack your boxes and dismantle your furniture, but you need help with loading and unloading. This is likely to cost less than a packing service, but is it worth paying extra to have the weight taken off your shoulders?

It’s important to remember that the cheapest quote isn’t necessarily the best – you might only have to shell out £100, but for that price, you’ll probably be expected to do all the lifting yourself. Decide what level of service you’re looking for and only look at quotes offering a similar removal service.

Get a thorough assessment

Although you’re likely to receive an instant quote online once you’ve submitted your details, this will vary depending on your personal circumstances. When getting a quote, the removal company will need to know how much stuff you have.

They will also want to know details about the property the items are being moved from and to. Things like number of floors, layout, size, access points and parking will all be taken into consideration.

Don’t accept a quote as final until you have listed all your belongings and requirements.

Make sure you’re protected

Professional removal companies will have adequate insurance in the event of any loss or damage to your belongings. It’s absolutely imperative that you find out whether the company has insurance before booking their services. If they can’t provide you with the details, avoid them completely!

Book in plenty of time

Getting a final quotation can take time; so can finding a suitable moving date as these companies are often booked up weeks or months in advance. It’s important that you don’t leave choosing a home removal company to the last minute. As soon as you have an idea of when you hope to move, it’s worth starting to collate quotes.




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