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Dealing with noisy neighbours

Dealing With Troublesome Neighbours

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Noisy neighbours can make life pretty miserable for those around them. Most of us can put up with racket from the occasional party or gathering but when the noise happens frequently then it can really grind you down.

You might be annoyed by music, television or voices being audible and interrupting your enjoyment of some quiet time. That’s bad enough but in many cases noisy neighbours can also disrupt sleep and make you irritable in your daily life. Hearing your neighbours’ loud arguments can also make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes even unsafe.

But what can you do to ensure you are able to live in peace and quiet in your own home?

Speak to the neighbours

It may seem obvious to you that the din your neighbours are making will be heard through the walls but they may genuinely not realise how loud they’re being. You may find that if you have a friendly word and let them know you can hear them they will be mortified and tone things down. Try to remain calm and avoid coming across as aggressive and you’ll be much more likely to get a positive reaction. However, not all noisy neighbours will be receptive or take heed so you may have to move forward with other options.

Contact your neighbours’ landlord

If your neighbours are tenants then you have the option of speaking to their landlord. This may be the local authority, a housing association or a private landlord. The majority of tenancy contracts include an agreement not to do anything that would be deemed a nuisance by neighbours. This means that landlords can act on the problem under the terms of their agreement, using eviction as a last resort.

Contact the council

Dealing with noisy neighboursYour local authority can be a valuable resource when escalating a dispute about noisy neighbours. The council has a duty to investigate reports of ‘statutory nuisance’ and excessive noise falls under that category. If the environmental health department agrees that your neighbour is causing a noise nuisance then they will be issued a ‘noise abatement’ order. This outlines what your neighbour should do to stop the noise and tells them that they will face further legal action if the noise continues.

Keep a record

When complaining about noisy neighbours it will help your case if you have a record or log of incidents. Whenever you are disturbed by your neighbours’ noise write it down, taking note of dates, times, the type of noise and how long it goes on for. Having evidence ready to be presented will support your case and will help speed up your complaint.

Stay safe

Some people may take offence at being complained about and a few might express this in an anti-social way. When dealing with noisy neighbours it’s important to keep yourself and your family safe. When going to complain, try to make sure you are not alone and stay on the doorstep rather than going inside your neighbours’ property. If you feel threatened by your neighbours in any way then you shouldn’t try and deal with it alone. Contact the authorities and leave it in their hands.



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