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Energy Saving in the Kitchen

Kitchen energy saving

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It’s a fact of life that these days everyone’s pocket are getting a little lighter, that pound coin doesn’t seem to go as far and we are forced to look in as many places as possible for ways of saving a few pennies. Energy saving around the house is one way of giving yourself a little more financial freedom as well as giving you the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are helping the polar bears.

Energy saving= Money Saving

You can start your eco warrior dance in the most used room of the house, the Kitchen, where all the big appliances live and potentially you can make your biggest savings. Most of these ideas are centuries old and to be really honest they are pretty much common sense but in the interests of financial stability lets see what options there are for you to save money.

Where do you begin?

Firstly the big metal box in the corner where you keep your beer and chocolate, if you limit the amount of time you have the fridge door open then you will save yourself a heap of cash, which may sound obvious, but if you arrange things in your fridge/freezer in an orderly way making it easier to access things then you spend less time rummaging and more time saving cash. You can also use the fridge to defrost food instead of the microwave, it stops the need for a microwave and also helps the fridge to stay cool without utilising more energy, this option just requires a small amount of forward planning.

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Other obvious tricks are to only boil as much water as you need in the kettle, as most kettle now have fairly accurate measurements on the side and if you live alone then it’s a no-brainer. You should also only ever wash and dry fall loads, it stands to reason that doing four half loads will use more energy than doing two full loads, it’s basic maths.

Buy energy efficient appliances

As with everything in life technology has stepped up to make our lives that little bit simpler when it comes to banishing the energy demons, things like energy efficient kettles and toasters, energy efficient ovens, washing machines with an eco option that lets you wash your clothes in cold water and of course the eco tumble dryer that uses gas instead of heaters. All of these a far more expensive than their counterparts but could save you a few hundred pounds every year each and eventually pay for themselves.

It’s also important to remember proper maintenance as a clean machine will always work more efficiently than a dirty one, so scrub your dishwasher and clean the tubes whenever you can, clean the filter on the tumble dryer and make sure the hose on your washing machine doesn’t get blocked. All of these tried and tested methods will help you skip merrily through the fields of eco happiness and save you hundreds of pounds every year but here’s another thought, get rid of the machines, wash everything up by hand, cook on an open fire and only grow your own food, you’ll save yourself a real fortune then!





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